Journey in Life: 09/14/14

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

"As the crow flies" nghĩa là gì?

Crows - Towards the sun i fly, not as Icarus. Photo courtesy Hash Milhan.

Nếu khoảng các giữa hai nơi được tính toán 'theo con quạ bay' (as the crow flies), tức là được đo theo đường thẳng tắp giữa hai địa điểm này (theo đường chim bay).

Ví dụ
'How far is it from Cambridge to London?'
'About 50 miles as the crow flies.'

Our farm is only five miles from town as the crow flies, but the winding roads mean we have to drive nearly eight miles to get there.

It was shortly after 8pm on December 7, a cold, dry, almost still night, when two emergency calls came through to Lothian and Borders fire brigade headquarters at Lauriston Place, about a mile as the crow flies from the fire.

By the time we reached Roman Road, only half a mile as the crow flies from our starting point, the bus was jam-packed full and sailing past the waiting queues.

At last, when my landlord could drink no more, he showed me to a bed, and I lay down in very good spirits; having travelled the greater part of that big and crooked Island of Mull, from Earraid to Torosay, fifty miles as the crow flies, and (with my wanderings) much nearer a hundred, in four days and with little fatigue.

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