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Sunday, October 5, 2014

"Kiss of life" nghĩa là gì?

1968 Pulitzer Prize*, Spot News Photography, Rocco Morabito. Photo courtesy Cliff.

'Kiss of life' có từ kiss là nụ hôn và life là sự sống, 'kiss of life' nghĩa đen là hồi sức cấp cứu (mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, thổi nhẹ vào miệng, hay mũi một người bất tỉnh để giúp phổi người đó tháo hơi), và nghĩa bóng là một hành động hỗ trợ, giúp doanh nghiệp sắp phá sản hồi sinh (an action or event that revives a failing enterprise.)

Ví dụ
The event was held at St Johns Shopping Centre Liverpool and Red Cross volunteers gave kiss of life or CPR demonstrations to shoppers and participants for the full 12 hours.
Members of the public are being urged not to give the kiss of life during CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) but to concentrate instead on chest compressions.

As the video shows, Arana performed CPR for more than three minutes on the lifeless puppy, and after chest compressions and an oxygen mask failed to reanimate the little dog, Arana can be seen bringing the puppy round with the kiss of life.

Three years ago, they bought a battered complex of medieval, Tudor, Jacobean and Georgian buildings, and gave it the kiss of life.

Baxter's success has already given the sleepy skiing resort the kiss of life and has ignited plans for a proposed Aviemore centre.

Bài trước: "When in Rome do as the Romans do" nghĩa là gì?
* July 17, 1967: Air conditioners hum all over Horida. In Jacksonville, they overwhelm the electrical system and knock out the power. Jacksonville Journal photographer Rocco Morabito is on his way to photograph a railroad strike when he notices Jacksonville Electric Authority linemen high up on the poles. "I passed these men working and went on to my assignment," says Morabito. "I took eight pictures at the strike. I thought I'd go back and see if I could rind another picture."

But when Morabito gets back to the linemen, "I heard screaming. I looked up and I saw this man hanging down. Oh my God. I didn't know what to do." The linemen. Randall Champion, is dangling upside down in his safety belt — felled by 4,160 volts of electricity.

"I took a picture right quick." says Morabito. "J.D. Thompson (another lineman) was running toward the pole. I went to my car and called an ambulance. I got back to the pole and J.D. was breathing into Champion." Cradling the stricken lineman in his arms, Thompson rhythmically pushes air into Champion's lungs. Below. Morabito makes pictures — and prays.

"I backed off, way off until I hit a house and I couldn't go any farther. I took another picture, it is a prize-winning photograph, but Morahito's real concern is the injured lineman. Thompson finally shouts down: "He's breathing." Champion survives.

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