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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"Under wraps" nghĩa là gì?

Justin Timberlake e Jessica Biel presto genitori. Photo courtesy Hot Gossip Italia.

'Under wraps' có từ wraps là giấy hay vải bọc ngoài một đồ vật. Vì thế under wraps có nghĩa là được giữ bí mật, hay giữ kín.

Ví dụ
The big cover up! 'Pregnant' Jessica Biel keeps her figure under wraps in thick vinyl jacket: appearing to have just come from a workout, Jessica layered up in a leggings, sneakers and gave a hint of color with green aviator sunglasses.

Rumors (tin đồn) about my promotion (thăng chức) had been going around for weeks. Although management wanted to keep it under wraps until an official (chính thức) announcement could be made, now the secret’s (bí mật) out: I’m going to be the new VP (Vice President: phó giám đốc) of Marketing.

Don’t bother (đừng phí công) trying (tìm cách) to interview the author (tác giả). He’s keeping the details (chi tiết) of his upcoming book tightly under wraps. Until it’s published (xuất bản), no one is to have any idea what it’s about. That’s one way to build interest (sự chú ý) among readers!

Buyout firms push to keep information under wraps: Kohlberg Kravis Roberts warned Iowa’s public pension fund against complying with a public records request for information about fees it paid the buyout firm, saying that doing so risked it being barred from future private equity investments.

Huyền Trang

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