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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Vì sao quân đội Thái Lan quyền lực như vậy?

DESPITE having more generals than nearly any other country, the Thai army was not created to fight wars. So why does it remain the most important political force within Thailand?

Cận cảnh kho hàng khổng lồ của Amazon

Amazon unveils (tiết lộ) their eighth generation fulfillment (đáp ứng) center which utilizes robotics, Kiva technology, vision systems and almost 20 years worth of software and mechanical innovations. The company is currently operating 10 of these new generation fulfillment centers across the U.S.
Some features of Amazon's eighth generation fulfillment center include:
- Kiva robots of which Amazon currently has more than 15,000 operating across the U.S.;
– Robo-Stow, one of Earth's largest robotic arms moving large quantities of inventory for customer order fulfillment;
– New vision systems enabling the unloading and receipt of an entire trailer (xe moóc) of inventory (hàng tồn kho) in as little as 30 minutes instead of hours;
– New, high-end graphically oriented computer systems for employees to use while fulfilling orders for customers.

Nghệ thuật tranh giấy

Những tấm thiệp 3D dạng pop-up lạ mắt khiến người xem thích thú và ấn tượng...

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