"Panama hat" nghĩa là gì?

Photo courtesy alan miles.

'Panama hat' nghĩa là mũ làm bằng lá cây jipijapa, mũ phớt (a wide-brimmed hat of strawlike material, originally made from the leaves of a particular tropical palm tree, worn chiefly by men).

Ví dụ
Jennings sat at his locker wearing a straw Panama hat, which would have looked ridiculous (lố bịch, lố lăng) if the Giants were not in contention.

Early one morning in June, a Panama hat weaver named Simon Espinal sat down to work at a wooden table in his house in Pile, an obscure (không có tiếng tăm, vô danh) village hidden in the hills near Montecristi, in Ecuador's steamy coastal lowlands.

A stuffed shirt (là người bảo thủ, kiêu ngạo), Pierpont Morgan liked to play chess or whist in the company of older, settled (điềm tĩnh, chín chắn) men. He believed in convention and always wore social uniforms suitable to the occasion — a bowler (mũ quả dưa) in winter, a Panama hat in summer, for instance.

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