"Slog it out" nghĩa là gì?

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'Slog it out' nghĩa là chiến đấu, đấu tranh cho đến khi ngã ngũ (to argue or fight about something until someone wins).

Ví dụ
Josh Mansour and his Panthers teammates slog it out in the heat at Penrith.

Brandon Jack and Harry Cunningham both slog it out during the running exercises.

Meanwhile, it's being consumed habitually by soldiers who say it allows them to slog it out for days on end and kill with ruthless (tàn nhẫn, không thương xót) abandon (phóng túng, buông thả, thoải mái tự do).

In these early days, corporate warfare was no mere euphemism (uyển ngữ, lối nói trại), and the Ramsey and Gould forces sometimes slugged it out directly rather than filing suits and obtaining injunctions (lệnh của tòa, lệnh huấn thị).

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