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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"Come home to roost" nghĩa là gì?

When I come home feeling tired and beat... (Snowy Owl). Photo courtesy Ingrid Taylar.

'Come home to roost' dùng để nói về các vấn đề, rắc rối, khó khăn do chính lỗi lầm của bạn gây ra (Bad deeds or words return to discomfort their perpetrator), cụm từ này đôi khi được dùng với từ chicken, ám chỉ chim, gà thường về tổ vào buổi tối. Việt Nam có cụm từ (thông tục?) với nghĩa tương tự là 'tự vả vào mồm'.

Ví dụ
He said some stupid things and now those remarks were coming home to roost.

With nearly a third of those purchases being financed with subprime loans (vay nợ dưới chuẩn), how much longer can that growth be sustained? How much of the recently ballyhooed (quảng cáo rùm beng) five-percent annual growth rate in the country’s GDP can be attributed (quy cho là) to people buying cars that they can’t afford? When those chickens come home to roost, is it not reasonable (có lý) to expect the same bleeding (chảy máu) over from subprime car loans to regular financing just as subprime mortgage loans spread to the regular market?

Obama’s strategy of minimizing (giảm thiểu) the terrorist threat (mối đe dọa) hasn’t cost him much so far, but if there should be another significant (đáng kể) terrorist attack (tấn công) in the U.S., a lot of chickens will come home to roost.

Turkey, under Erdogan, has reportedly aided (hỗ trợ) and abetted (tiếp tay làm bậy) radical Islamists in Syria and Iraq, including IS and Al-Nusra Front. But what is even more galling (gây bực mình, khó chịu) is that the West has given refuge (nơi ẩn náu) to Islamist firebrands who to this day are still fanning the flames of jihad (tự xưng thánh chiến) in the heart of Europe. If the Charlie Hebdo attack is anything to go by, it signifies that the chickens have come home to roost.

Phạm Hạnh

"Put a dent in sth" nghĩa là gì?

Chả ảnh hưởng gì đến ngành bánh kẹo cả. Photo courtesy Jaro Larnos.

'Put/make a dent in something' có từ dent là vết mẻ (ở lưỡi dao), cụm từ này nghĩa là giảm số lượng hay mức độ một cái/điều gì đó, hay có tác động/ảnh hưởng lên điều gì.

Ví dụ
All the talk about kids eating too much sugar hasn't seemed to make a dent (chả có tác động gì) in the candy business.

The drenching (ướt sũng) rain and heavy snow that lashed (đánh vào) California last week put a dent in the state's historic drought (hạn hán), according to the weekly U.S. Drought Monitor released Thursday.

Even for wealthy yacht (du thuyền) owners, these huge, fixed costs can put a dent in the bank account. They are part of the reason Knecht's book about the "Lady Linda" is a cautionary tale (câu chuyện cảnh báo): Hurt by the 2008 crisis and overwhelmed by bills, Von Allmen was eventually forced to put his beloved, incredibly opulent (sang trọng) yacht on sale in 2012, for $50 million.

In the view of conservatives, to cower (co rúm lại) in the face of this debate, and be found reluctant (do dự) to use their power of the purse (ví tiền, ngân quỹ, hầu bao) to put a dent in Obama’s amnesty (ân xá) plans, would be a major mistake.

...That means that companies can be confident the majority of consumers will just accept the prices they are charged. The savvy (người hiểu biết) will move, but not enough of them to put a dent in profits and force price cuts across the board. The failure by energy companies to cut their prices for existing customers is a perfect example of this.

Phạm Hạnh

"Pan out" nghĩa là gì?

Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial - Indiana. Photo courtesy Doug Kerr.

'Pan out' nghĩa là (có) kết quả tốt/cụ thể (to work out or turn out all right / have some specified result); ngoài ra, cụm từ này còn có nghĩa đãi vàng (trong cát, bằng cái giần), pan là cái giần.

Ví dụ
I'm glad to see that your business plan has panned out.
Don’t worry. Everything will pan out okay.

Facebook considered (cân nhắc) investing in Chinese mobile conglomerate (tập đoàn) Xiaomi, according to sources that dished to Reuters. The deal didn’t pan out for a range of reasons, from political concerns (mối quan ngại) to investment conflicts (xung đột), but could point toward a new focus for Facebook on strategic (chiến lược) investments.

At any other point in the year, a radical reinterpretation (trình diễn lại) of a classic text with a liberal (tự do) amount of audience participation would be enough to strike terror in the hearts of theatregoers (người đi rạp). At Christmas, we call this pantomime (kịch câm). For many kids, this is an introduction to live performance, and there will always be relatively new arrivals to the world who don’t know how things pan out for Peter Pan.

The Golden Globes traditionally (theo truyền thống) are a good foretaste (báo trước) of how the Academy Awards pan out. If the form of recent years repeats itself, then the Oscars too could be in for a shock this year. The award for best film was taken by Richard Linklater’s ‘Boyhood’, produced by the relatively low-profile IFC films, an offshoot (công ty con) of New York-based AMC Networks Inc.

Phạm Hạnh

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