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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"Fight shy" nghĩa là gì?

Je suis Charlie. Photo courtesy Oliver.

'To fight shy of sb/sth' có từ shy là né, tránh -> nghĩa là tránh xa ai, điều gì (avoid meeting or confronting sb/sth).

Ví dụ
Expats (người xa xứ) fight shy of the FTSE and stay local: Despite 'strong' investment opportunities in the UK, Britons abroad are preferring to place their money with local companies.

And though the lady herself has not retaliated (trả đũa) so far, not being one to fight shy of calling a spade a bloody shovel (nói thẳng thừng) in the past, she undoubtedly will. “This is one art battle that will paint the town red black and blue,” says the source.

Facebook says the company has been working on this ‘for years’ and that it is extensively used internally. I would expect nothing less. But that’s a far cry from having it as a given. Google has tried for years to place a firm stake in the enterprise ground but has failed. Regulated industries and those with a strong B2B focus will likely fight shy of this for the time being.

As for civil society in general, we have tended to tiptoe (đi nhón chân) round the problem. The media deplored (thương hại, xót xa) the death threats that followed the (genuinely un-nasty) Danish cartoons, but did not publish them. We say “Nous sommes Charlie”, but fight shy of reprinting the magazine’s Mohammed gags, so readers never quite know what the story is about. Employers worry about their staff’s safety. Some even fear upsetting Muslim newsagents. Terrorism is working.

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