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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

"Caught sb red-handed" nghĩa là gì?

'Caught somebody red-handed' nghĩa là bắt quả tang (to catch a person in the act of doing something wrong) ai đang làm điều gì đó sai trái.

Ví dụ
He was touching her private parts (chỗ kín) and had removed his clothes (cởi quần áo). Police said the teenagers had followed them and caught him red handed.

“I totally caught him red-handed and called him out on it. We laughed and started talking,” she said. “He eventually asked for my number, and immediately after he left the party, he called me to make sure it was my actual phone number. “We eventually went on a date (hẹn hò) to the movies and the rest is history (phần còn lại là lịch sử, sự việc ra sao sau này sử sách có ghi).”

In the spring of 2007, I received a highly classified report (báo cáo tối mật) from a foreign intelligence (tình báo hải ngoại) partner. We pored over photographs of a suspicious (ám muội), well-hidden (ẩn giấu kỹ càng) building in the eastern desert of Syria. The structure bore a striking resemblance (rất giống) to the nuclear facility (cơ sở hạt nhân) at Yongbyon, North Korea. We concluded that the structure contained a gas-cooled, graphite-moderated reactor (một lò phản ứng dùng than chì làm chất điều tiết, làm mát bằng khí) capable of producing weapons- grade plutonium (có khả năng sản xuất plutonium cấp độ vũ khí). Since North Korea was the only country that had built a reactor of that model in the past thirty-five years, our strong suspicion was that we had just caught Syria red-handed trying to develop a nuclear weapons capability with North Korean help.

Phạm Hạnh

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