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Saturday, August 29, 2015

"Wet your whistle" nghĩa là gì?

Trời nóng quá, nhậu thôi. Oktoberfest, công viên Hibiya, Tokyo, Nhật Bản năm 2010.

'Wet one's whistle' nghĩa là uống, uống rượu (to take a drink).

Ví dụ
Unfortunately, the senator got parched (khát khô cả cổ) at the worst possible time and had to reach for a small bottle of Poland Spring water to wet his whistle.

While at Robertson Barracks, the prince will be treated like any other officer in the Australian Army, which means he is free to head to town to wet his whistle or tear up a dance floor if he wishes.

Strange Fellows Brewing is doing something great, and I’m not just talking about the Nocturnum Dark India Pale Ale that was on tap when I last visited. If you’ve ever been, you’ve likely checked out the Charles Clarke Gallery, maybe with out even knowing it. This crisp, clean white annex off the tasting room is programmed to showcase local emerging artists; you can marvel, wet your whistle and buy some art all in one stop!

Phạm Hạnh

Schnapsidee nghĩa là gì?
Nhà hàng Cuốn N Roll - tầng 3, D2, Giảng Võ

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