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Friday, January 22, 2016

"Hold a candle to the sun" nghĩa là gì?

This spectacular Byzantine chandelier was installed in Holy Ascension Orthodox Church (Mt. Pleasant, SC) in April, 2012. Photo courtesy Andrew Gould.

'Hold a candle to the sun' có từ candle là nến -> đốt đèn giữa ban ngày = làm việc thừa thãi, không cần thiết, làm việc vô ích (for the same idea of wasteful activity, the English language preserves the following: to bind the loose sand, to draw water with a sieve, to hold a candle to the sun, to burn daylight, to fan the breezes, to send owls to Athens, to paint the lilly, to plough/saw the sands).

Ví dụ
To commend this excellent man after the great things spoken of him by the ancients, were to hold a candle to the sun.

Importance Of Educating The Inner Man: In what direction are we going? What is the aim, the goal, the focal point of our interior? It is in that area that the question of bondage and liberation, bliss and sorrow, darkness and light has to be solved. In your innermost being, in your essential reality, there is no problem. It is all perfect. It is all a mass of light. There is wholeness and completeness. There is all joy and peace. There is nothing to be done there. It requires nothing to be done. You cannot paint a lily as it were or hold a candle to the sun. Your Reality is a mass of Divine Light.

Phạm Hạnh

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