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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Vì sao đồng 500 eur có thể bị khai tử?

30% tiền mặt euro là đồng 500 euro, các con số của ECB cho thấy tờ bạc 500 EUR lưu thông trong năm 2015 lên tới 306,8 tỷ euro và số lượng tăng kể từ khi ra đời, nhưng hầu hết người dân châu Âu không mấy khi thấy chúng

-> có ý kiến cho rằng, không phải trong tay những người sưu tầm, mà trong tay tội phạm (buôn người, buôn ma túy, rửa tiền/drug- and people-trafficking, money-laundering and racketeering)

Central bank statistics reveal that they are peculiarly popular. 60% of Swiss francs in circulation are in the form of SFr1,000 notes, and 30% of cash euros are in €500 notes. Some suspect that most high-denomination notes are in the hands not of anxious savers, but of criminals.

Recently, concerns have arisen over the role of large bills in financing terrorism; a courier for jihadists caught travelling to Turkey in 2014 with 40 €500 bills (€20,000) in her underwear would have needed very much larger knickers to transport the same sum using €100 notes.

Mr Sands also argues that withdrawing them could fill government coffers, by making cash-in-hand payments that evade tax harder.

...Any withdrawal would have to be slow: central banks worry that putting an expiry date on cash could undermine the value of the currency. There is political resistance too; some worry that abolishing high-value notes is a step on the road to abolishing paper money altogether.

"Skin diving" nghĩa là gì?

Photo courtesy jayhem.

'Skin diving' nghĩa là môn lặn trần, có kính bảo hộ, chân chèo và bình dưỡng khí hay ống thông hơi để thở (the action or sport of swimming under water without a diving suit, typically in deep water using an aqualung (thiết bị được thợ lặn mang theo để thở dưới nước, đồ lặn) and flippers (chân chèo, chân vịt)).

Ví dụ
Skin diving is essentially a step between free diving and snorkeling (bơi với ống thở), in that skin divers will duck (cúi đầu xuống thật nhanh để né tránh, cúi xuống) underwater completely but don’t necessarily use any specialized tools or training.

In the 60s & 70s, skin diving was dominate and a prerequisite (điều kiện tiên quyết) for scuba (bình khí nén của thợ lặn) training. Then there came the trend to reduce, and in many training programs, eliminate skin diving completely.

Early signs of a cool relationship to follow: Nixon said he disliked skin-diving — one of Trudeau’s passions (niềm đam mê) — but indulged (nuông chiều, thỏa mãn) his guest’s request to take a swim in the White House pool, capped by a sauna, shower and massage.

Phạm Hạnh

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