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Friday, March 11, 2016

Có bồ thì chết với bà

1 phụ nữ Trung Hoa phát hiện chồng có bồ -> quăng cả con dao phay thái thịt vào đầu chồng luôn, hãi vãi cả...

đừng ấn xem link nhé,
First he butchered (làm sai lạc, làm hỏng) their relationship (quan hệ hôn nhân) and then she tried to butcher (giết chóc tàn sát) him.

This wife wanted to be the only woman (phụ nữ duy nhất) in her husband's life and a divorce (li dị) just wouldn't cut it.

In graphic footage taken from inside the hospital, the man is pictured with the large cleaver still sticking out of the back of his head.

Hệ lụy khi “sống thử”

cãi bạn gái một câu -> bị bạn gái dùng gậy đánh vào đầu, cầm dao rạch đứt tay và nhảy chồm lên người cắn đứt lông mày,

p/s: may không ngồi ngược, cắn đứt lông... :D
A woman who slashed her ex-boyfriend's hand with a knife, hit him in the head with a stick (cái gậy) and bit off one of his eyebrows (lông màu) during an argument at their home pleaded guilty to charges of second-degree battery (bạo hành cấp độ 2) and was sentenced (kết án) to five years in prison Tuesday in Garland County Circuit Court, according to an affidavit (bản khai có tuyên thệ).

The victim (nạn nhân) said he walked to a local hospital, where he received 12 stitches (mũi khâu) in his hand, before returning to the house. Shortly after his arrival, another argument ensued that ended with Wilbourn pushing him off the chair he was sitting on and onto the bed, where she got on top of him and bit off most of his right eyebrow,

Hậu quả kinh hoàng vì không làm việc nhà ngày 8/3

bị vợ cầm bìu giật liên tục, tinh hoàn trái lòi cả ra ngoài -> vào viện điều trị khẩn cấp luôn...

chuyện xảy ra ở Rumani (từng là nước XHCN)
A Romanian woman tore off her husband's left testicle (tinh hoàn) after he failed to give her flowers (không tặng hoa) on International Women's Day and then refused to help with the housework.

Ionel Popa, 39, from Vaslui County in the north east of the country, was rushed to hospital with his scrotum (bìu) torn open after his wife Marinela Benea, 40, launched a vicious (dữ dội, khắc nghiệt, đầy ác ý) attack.

The mother-of-one grabbed hold of her husband's testicles (tinh hoàn) and pulled violently during the argument (cãi nhau).

"Skin merchant" nghĩa là gì?

Cattle Sales at Nagaur Cattle Fair_Photo courtesy jack wikes.

'Skin merchant' nghĩa là người bán da thú (a trader in animal skins) và nghĩa bóng là người mộ lính (a military recruiting officer).

Ví dụ
Newman buys the fleece from a local skin merchant.

Hong Kong-based fur skin merchant Timothy Everest, also a board director at the Hong Kong Fur Federation, has traveled to farms in rural China where conditions were poor and access to clean water difficult.

The country will face a cattle shortage of up to 30 percent during Eid-ul-Azha this year due to India's ongoing curb (hạn chế) on cattle supply. Taking advantage of the shortage, a group of unscrupulous (vô liêm sỉ) traders may charge exorbitant prices (giá cao cắt cổ) for sacrificial animals during the festival, if immediate measures to import cattle are not taken by the government amid the Indian restriction. The newspaper learnt these talking to different government officials, researchers, cattle traders, farmers, meat merchant and skin merchant associations and smugglers (người buôn lậu).

Phạm Hạnh

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