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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

"Rhetorical question" nghĩa là gì?

Sao mông các bức tượng trắng phau thế nhỉ? :) Photo courtesy Paul K.

'Rhetorical question' có từ rhetorical là hoa mỹ, khoa trương; vì thế từ này nghĩa là câu hỏi chỉ để nhấn mạnh, câu hỏi chỉ để hỏi (a question asked without expecting an answer but for the sake of emphasis or effect. The expected answer is usually "yes" or "no.")

Ví dụ
Why Do Africans Buy “Made in China” Products With Terrible Reputations? It is a dismayed rhetorical question for which the answer is something like, "Well, not much, since within few hundred kilometers radius, these products are the only ones of the kind that are sold."

In asking the rhetorical question, “Why, after all, did Gannett develop and seek to induce downloading of the App?”, the court saw some form of value exchange in the relationship between app owner and user that rose to the level of a subscriber under the VPPA (Video Privacy Protection Act).

"I just ask a rhetorical question: do we always have to do what the Brits want us to do? "Why do we need the Brits? Most Germans speak better English than the English themselves". "Let them go and we will make our own EU, with Latvia, maybe the Greeks and if the Turks are interested we could form the United European Emirates."

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