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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Nỗi khổ chính trị gia

gọi massage vip thì bị lừa quay phim, dọa là trẻ vị thành niên và đòi 1.000 usd... :)

Gareth Ward, a 37-year-old member of parliament representing a township about two hours south of Sydney, was staying at the Intercontinental Hotel on 44th St. near Broadway when he decided to request a “special massage,”

Ward got a number from an acquaintance and placed a call for the service on Tuesday evening. A little while later, there was a knock at his door and he opened it to see two young men standing there, sources said. Uneasy about this development, he politely declined their services. At that point, one of the men pulled out his cell phone and started videotaping. “My friend is 16,” the visitor said. “If you don’t pay us $1,000, we’re going to tell everyone we’re minors.”...

Không chịu được nhiệt

Amazon đã phải dừng dịch vụ lưu trữ đám mây không giới hạn vào tháng 6, sau khi một "người của hành động" thử kiểm tra lời hứa của amazon như nào bằng cách upload khối lượng phim sex dài... 300 năm.

Amazon suspended its unlimited storage option in June - many speculate that it was due to beaton02's giant porn stash - but he himself claims that decision has nothing to do with him. The Redditor claims that he has more of a problem with hoarding data than he does with porn, as the whole thing started out as a part of a bigger project to learn new code and to test himself to see how much data he could capture.

So he set off and after 5 to 6 months he had captured nearly 2 petabytes (1.8) of pornography by setting up a number of programs to record a number of free Livestream webcam shows. Which if you break it down equates to the following: 23.4 years worth of HD porn, 102 years worth of porn at 720p, or a whopping 3 centuries worth (293 years) at 480p.

Vietjet Air sẽ mở khai thác đường bay từ Sài gòn đi Jakarta

và tiếp viên phải ăn mặc nghiêm chỉnh, đó là lời khẳng định của đại sứ indonesia tại việt nam... :)

-> thế thì chán chết, nhỉ...
The airline’s announcement that it will launch a direct route (đường bay thẳng) from Saigon to Jakarta was shrouded (bao phủ, che khuất) in controversy (tranh cãi) because of a divisive (gây chia rẽ) PR-stunt by the airline in 2012.

The airline was fined 20 million Dong — about $A1100 — when it hosted a mid-flight dance by bikini-clad beauty pageant (buổi biểu diễn ngoài trời những cảnh lấy từ lịch sử) contestants (thí sinh) without first gaining permission (được sự cho phép) from the nation’s aviation authorities (cục quản lý hàng không).

Five women, all candidates in a local beauty contest, performed the three-minute Hawaiian-themed dance while passengers recorded the show on camera phones and later posted clips online.

Indonesia’s ambassador to Vietnam, Ibnu Hadi, has confirmed that VietJet’s flight attendants will be appropriately attired on the flight — and all flights to Indonesia.

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