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Thursday, September 21, 2017

"Under the cosh" nghĩa là gì?

Police brutality against cultural symbol. Photo courtesy fdecomite.

'Under the cosh' có từ cosh là dùi cui -> cụm từ này nghĩa là gặp hoàn cảnh khó khăn hoặc bị chỉ trích kịch liệt/nặng nề (experiencing difficulty or criticism).

Ví dụ
Going the other way, Metro Bank was under the cosh as Macquarie cautioned that its rapid growth and margins (hệ số biên lợi nhuận) will begin to decline as it expands into "less wealthy" London suburbs.

Marques says the binational bridge was essentially a good idea, but now that all budgets are under the cosh, money still being thrown at the project could more usefully be used for cash-strapped (kẹt tiền mặt, bí bách về tiền bạc) local universities.

Africa has in the past been under the cosh due to her lack of knowledge, “intel”, so to speak. And now from information asymmetry, the good internet has ushered in what one can refer to as information blow-back. All of the sudden we are all so much wiser and clued up, awash with so much knowledge and power the Western bullies don’t know where to hide.

Harvard Business School (HBS) has come under the cosh this month. A new book, “The Golden Passport” by Duff McDonald, argues that HBS has lost its crown as the top business school in America and also become a breeding ground for toxic behaviour, with conflicts of interests (xung đột lợi ích) rife (lan tràn, phổ biến, thịnh hành) within the school, and its alumni (cựu sinh viên) responsible for pushing a rapacious (tham lam, keo kiệt, cướp của người khác) form of capitalism that explains many of the ills of the world’s biggest economy.

Phạm Hạnh

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