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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

"Every trick in the book" nghĩa là gì?

Monument, Martyrs' Square, Brussels. Photo courtesy Dr Les (Leszek - Leslie) Sachs.

'Every trick in the book' nghĩa là các cách/mẹo trong sách vở để có thể đạt được mục tiêu gì, nhất là những mẹo láu cá, khôn vặt hay đáng đặt dấu hỏi về mặt đạo đức (every possible way to do or achieve something, especially ways that are clever, cunning, or ethically questionable); bài bản trong sách vở, phương án khả dĩ.

Ví dụ
Pat dug worms for children ready with cane poles and tried every trick in the book to outwit persistent backyard geese and ducks.

Stand-in West Brom goalkeeper Boaz Myhill earlier had Leicester fans baying for his blood after using every trick in the book to keep the Foxes at bay.

Donald Trump has thrown every trick in the book at North Korea - but sanctions might not be enough.

Not giving up, Kellywise tries every trick in the book to convince "Cooper" to have her on his show, including threatening him with his two greatest fears (Trump winning a second term as president and a headline that says "Anderson Cooper Fat Now").

Phạm Hạnh

Ngủ 'bụi' ở sân bay

trong các hộp ngủ, có thể ở mức thấp 30usd/đêm,

nhưng liệu sân bay có ok dành chỗ cho dịch vụ này không, khi tính bình quân, một chiếc ghế nhà hàng có thể mang lại doanh thu 20.000 usd/năm, và các sân bay cũng có mối quan hệ tốt với những khách sạn hạng sang gần đó...
Sleep pods are coming to more and more airports. Last month, Washington Dulles International put out a call for proposals for a company to provide “a quiet and comfortable place within the airport to sleep, relax, or work while waiting to board a flight”. Mexico City’s airport has just added sleep pods with a space-age design for $30 a night. YotelAir, which offers pods in Amsterdam, London and Paris, is a touch more expensive at $42 for four hours. Dearer still is Minute Suites, which has operations in three American airports with a fourth coming later this year. Its prices start at $32 an hour. NapCity, which is yet to sign its first lease, will charge $45 for the first hour and a slightly lower rate after that.

The concept is not new. Japan opened its first capsule hotels in the late 1970s. But today sleep pods seem to be on the verge of conquering Western airports.

The founder of one capsule hotel company told Bloomberg that a single seat in a restaurant can generate $20,000 a year. It is unclear whether sleeping pods, even the most-compact of which take up the space of a couple of restaurant seats, will generate returns that big.

Gian nan chuyện 'tự xử' khi hiến tinh trùng

giờ sẽ chẳng còn khó khăn nữa,

vì sẽ gặp người muốn xin qua mạng, và hiến "trực tiếp" luôn... :D

(ví dụ trang PrideAngel của Anh, hoặc đơn giản là các trang hẹn hò qua mạng)
Globally more and more men and women are stepping away from clinical (medical) sperm donation environments and choosing to find each other through online connection websites such as the UK-based PrideAngel through which we conducted our study,” said Mr Whyte, from the QUT Business School.”

"The internet and the development of online connection websites means donors and women are no longer bound by logistical or national boundaries, or cultural, social, financial or even sexuality-based barriers that may have excluded them in the past.

"In developed economies, online dating, dating apps, social media and the wider internet are now socially acceptable global platforms for meeting a partner. The same can also be said about connection websites for women seeking sperm donors.

"Connection websites provide a setting in which men and women can communicate directly, reducing financial burdens and barriers that have existed previously. It also allows the men and women involved to freely negotiate their preferred donation and parenting arrangements.

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