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Sunday, October 22, 2017

"A closed book to me" nghĩa là gì?

Cô nàng khó hiểu. Photo courtesy Sheila Sund.

'A closed book to sb' = quyển sách đóng (đối với ai) -> nghĩa là bí mật, câu đố, đề tài khó hiểu đối với ai (a secret, mystery, or puzzle, as in I can't figure her out; she's a closed book to me. This term alludes to information one can't obtain or comprehend (because the book is closed); điều bạn chấp nhận là đã hoàn toàn kết thúc (something that you accept has completely ended, đóng một chương sách, khép lại một trang sử).

Ví dụ
Her whole life outside of work remains something of a closed book.

Prosecutor Henry Blackshaw said the boy had become "a closed book" who didn't trust the authorities and had been caught viewing inappropriate websites since the abuse came to light.

The former footballer, 38 - whose girlfriend and former TOWIE star Kate Wright says she is quitting show business to focus on her new beau and his brood - said he'd always been a closed book when it comes to emotion - but that he treasures brief moments of happiness with his children more than he did before Rebecca passed away.

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