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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Những chú sóc siêu quậy

đã đi trước chị em quá xa, khi dùng kỹ thuật rất tinh vi để phân loại... hạt :), theo từng "thư mục" nhỏ...

Some squirrels go a little nuts when it comes to sorting their acorns.

Researchers at UC Berkeley observed the behavior of 45 nearby fox squirrels over a two-year period, finding that they use what’s known as a “chunking”* behavior — organizing items into various smaller subsets in order to better manage the overall collection — to categorize their various nuts.

This is notable because humans also use chunking techniques, although generally for storing information, whether the data is of a spatial, linguistic, or mathematical variety. Taking your email, for example, and dividing the messages into various folders could be considered a form of chunking.

Fox squirrels use this strategy to divide the nuts they gather over a year — between 3,000 and 10,000 — into what the researchers term “subfolders,” one for each type of nut.

* bite off a big chunk = vớ phải một việc hóc búa, phải giải quyết một việc khó khăn

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