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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

"The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world" nghĩa là gì?

'The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world' 
~ ngạn ngữ Nam Phi

= bàn tay đưa nôi là bàn tay ngự trị thế gian

-> người nuôi dưỡng chính là người sẽ định hình nhân cách đứa trẻ và từ đó ảnh hưởng/tác động tới loại hình xã hội mà thế hệ kế tiếp sẽ tạo ra (the person who raises a child determines the character of that child and so influences the type of society that the next generation will create),

nhật an 14 tuần tuổi, grand palace, bangkok, thailand, 18/11/2017.

Ví dụ
As per statistics, 72% of single mothers were literally on the road trying to eke out a living doing the most menial of jobs. Indira Gandhi was a role model for all of them. She proved to the world that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world

When academicians find the need to explain Islamic terrorism and the bloody savage behavior of the decapitating jihadists, they find willing accomplices within the ranks of the media and Hollywood and simply cite the “crimes“ of the Christian Crusades and the centuries of Western imperialism, sexism and racism. It’s no wonder that the youth of today fall easy prey to biased history and leftist propaganda and begin to hate the system — capitalism, Judeo-Christian ethics, and the entire “patriarchal” Western civilization. But if parents are not there to guide and instruct their children, the novices will be indoctrinated by others espousing their own agendas. One must remember the adage, “the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world.” The task is too important to completely leave to others, and parents cannot totally relinquish the teaching of their children.

Và cũng quá nguy hiểm

nhân viên phát hiện một cặp đôi ở trong rạp chiếu phim đang... làm tình "quá nhanh" ;)

A San Antonio couple faces charges of public lewdness (dâm dục, dâm dật) after theater employees reported catching the two having sex during a movie last week.

An employee reported being "shocked" upon finding Feist-McCuistion performing a sex act on Lee in the theater and left to tell a manager.

When they got back, the couple was having sex "really fast," the document says.

The manager told the pair to stop, but told police that Feist-McCuistion and Lee seemed surprised and "stood there for a long time" before they got dressed.

..."We were just having a little fun!" he told a deputy.

It's unclear which movie put the couple in the mood.

Bài trước: Muôn ngàn lý do

Muôn ngàn lý do

[em là để yêu]

để giải thích cho việc vì sao nhậu say lại tỉnh dậy trong bệnh viện sau khi được phẫu thuật lấy ra con lươn bị tắc ở... lỗ đít :D

The man in his 40s, who did not want to be named, was taken for treatment at Nanchang University hospital in eastern China where x-rays revealed the creature was in his abdomen (bụng dưới).

Doctors said the Asian swamp eel had wriggled (quằn quại, uốn éo, luồn lách) its way up the man’s body and was causing a serious obstruction.

The eel – a delicacy (đặc sản, đồ ăn ngon, cao lương mỹ vị) in coastal China – was eventually removed from the man’s body and he is now recovering in hospital.

Surgeons (bác sĩ phẫu thuật) believe the eel was inserted up (nhét vào) his anus  (lỗ đít) deliberately (cố tình) but they declined to reveal exactly what happened to spare the man’s blushes (đỏ mặt, xấu hổ, ngượng ngùng).

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