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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Bất ngờ thú vị khi du lịch bằng máy bay

"máy bay bà già" 48t "thổi kèn" phi công trẻ 28t, hai người hoàn toàn không quen biết nhau từ trước, chỉ là ngồi cạnh nhau thôi... :D

The man, 28, and woman, 48, were not named, but both were issued citations, and the FBI is currently investigating the incident.

The woman was caught giving the man oral sex (quan hệ tình dục bằng miệng) while the two were in their seats, the station further reported.

Both the man and woman were traveling to Detroit to catch separate connecting flights: He was going on to Miami, and she to Nashville. The two were reportedly strangers before meeting on the plane.

"The act itself is inappropriate in a public space," one traveler told the station. "There are children," said another. "There are families. There are seniors. These things should be respected."

The FBI said the investigation was underway and the two might be charged with a misdemeanor (cư xử xấu, tội nhẹ, khinh tội), or even a felony (trọng tội).

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