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Monday, November 27, 2017

"Rob the cradle" nghĩa là gì?

The Wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, Photograph at Buckingham Palace, July 29, 1981. Photo courtesy Joe Haupt.

'Rob the cradle' = cướp nôi -> nghĩa là cưới/quan hệ với người trẻ hơn mình (to marry or become romantically involved with a much younger person); già còn thích chơi trống bỏi.

Ví dụ
Although Moore allegedly kissed two of the women who spoke to the Post, Corfman is the only one who said Moore touched her sexually. Debbie Wesson Gibson was 17 when she told her mother that Moore had asked her on a date, she said. Another woman, Wendy Miller, said she was repeatedly courted by Moore when she was 16 years old. Miller's mother told the Post that she denied Moore permission to date her daughter, telling him, "You're too old for her … let's not rob the cradle."

At 31, he was facing the fact that every woman suitable in terms of pedigree, age, worldliness, and intelligence was either married or had long since lost her virginity. In 1980 – more than a decade after the sexual revolution had started – he was hemmed in by the royal custom of marrying a virgin, or at least a woman who seemed virginal. He was forced, in effect, to rob the cradle. The 12-year age gap between Charles and Diana was unbridgeable. He had been through the ups and downs of the formative years of early adulthood, pushing to find a role for himself and channel his passions into action, while Diana was still an adolescent. They had no intellectual connections, few mutual friends, no interests in common, and none of the shared life experiences he would have with a contemporary.

Phạm Hạnh

Sự nghiệp kỳ lạ của Herbert Hoover

Tổng thống thứ 31 của Mỹ đã vượt qua những trở ngại phi thường, nhưng Đại Suy thoái đã khiến ông chùn bước.

Tác giả Kenneth Whyte

Với các hoạt động từ thiện trong Thế chiến I, Herbert Hoover được miêu tả là một "người
đàn ông bắt đầu sự nghiệp ở California và sẽ kết thúc ở trên thiên đường". Trong cuốn tiểu sử mới, Kenneth Whyte kể ra rất nhiều khó khăn Hoover đã trải qua. Nhìn chung, ông đã tận dụng những khó khăn ấy để làm lợi cho bản thân—tích lũy của cải, đạt được danh vọng và trở thành tổng thống thứ 31 của Mỹ. Ít nhất là như vậy cho đến thời Đại Suy thoái, sự kiện đã hủy hoại ông về mặt chính trị.

Sinh ra ở Iowa vào năm 1874, Hoover đã sớm quyết tâm làm giàu bởi của cải mang tới an toàn và tự chủ. Sau khi tốt nghiệp làm nhà địa chất học từ Stanford, ông quản lý các mỏ vàng trên biên giới nước Úc nóng nực và mỏ than ở Trung Quốc trong những ngày tàn của nhà Thanh. Sự nghiệp đó mang lại của cải mà ông khao khát.

Hoover học được rằng cách tốt nhất để phát triển ở một xứ địa ngục là tự

Ngủ một mình sao phải bất bình?

a couple, on their first date? Photo courtesy marc falardeau.

I pay very little what any young person says on the subject of marriage. If they profess a disinclination for it, I only set it down that they have not yet seen the right person.
~ Jane Austen

Tôi hầu như chẳng quan tâm... những gì mà bất kỳ người trẻ tuổi nào nói về chủ đề hôn nhân. Nếu họ nói chán ghét kết hôn, tôi chỉ coi là họ chưa gặp đúng người mà thôi.

Giải pháp nào giảm tải tình trạng xâm hại tình dục trẻ em?

giảm dâm ô trẻ em = hợp pháp hóa mại dâm
A new paper in the American Economic Journal: Economic Policy by Bisschop, Kastoryano, and van der Klaauw looks at the opening and closing of prostitution zones (tippelzones) in 25 Dutch cities.

Our empirical results show that opening a tippelzone reduces sexual abuse and rape. These results are mainly driven by a 30–40 percent reduction in the first two years after opening the tippelzone (giảm 30-40% hiếp dâm sau 2 năm mở khu mại dâm hợp pháp). For tippelzones with a licensing system, we additionally find long-term decreases in sexual assaults and a 25 percent decrease in drug-related crime, which persists in the medium to long run.

Cunningham and Shah studied decriminalization (phi hình sự hóa) of indoor prostitution (mại dâm) in Rhode Island and found very similar results.

We exploit the fact that a Rhode Island District Court judge unexpectedly decriminalized indoor prostitution in 2003 to provide the first causal estimates of the impact of decriminalization on the composition of the sex market, rape offenses, and sexually transmitted infection outcomes. Not surprisingly, we find that decriminalization increased the size of the indoor market. However, we also find that decriminalization caused both forcible rape offenses and gonorrhea (bệnh lậu) incidence to decline (giảm) for the overall population. Our synthetic control model finds 824 fewer reported rape offenses (31 percent decrease) and 1,035 fewer cases of female gonorrhea (39 percent decrease) from 2004 to 2009.

In addition a working paper by Riccardo Ciacci and María Micaela Sviatschi studies prostitution in New York and also finds that prostitution significantly reduces sex crimes such as rape:

We use a unique data set to study the effect of indoor prostitution establishments on sex crimes. We built a daily panel from January 1, 2004 to June 30, 2012 with the exact location of police stops for sex crimes and the day of opening and location of indoor prostitution establishments. We find that indoor prostitution decreases sex crime with no effect on other types of crime. We argue that the reduction is mostly driven by potential sex offenders that become customers of indoor prostitution establishments. We also rule out other mechanisms such as an increase in the number of police officers and a reduction of potential victims in areas where these businesses opened. In addition, results are robust to different data sources and measures of sex crimes apart from police stops.

It’s become common to think that rape is about power and not about sex. No doubt. But some of it is about sex. Quoting Ciacci and Sviatschi again:

We find evidence consistent with the fact that potential perpetrators substitute towards indoor prostitution establishments instead of engaging in sex crimes….This mechanism is in line with a survey of men who had purchased sex from women in London. About 54% of these men stated that if prostitution did not exist then they would be more likely to rape women who were not prostitutes. This belief was clearly held by one man who even stated: “Sometimes you might rape someone: you can go to a prostitute instead” (Farley et al., 2009). (đôi khi muốn hiếp ai đó, đến nhà thổ thôi).

In short, a wide variety of evidence from different authors, times and places, and experiments shows clearly and credibly that prostitution reduces rape. This finding is of great importance in considering how prostitution should be rationally regulated.

Những chú ốc sên đáng yêu trong buổi sớm

vặn/quay bộ phận sinh dục ngoài để có thể giao phối mặt đối mặt... :)

Most snails have a right-handed spiraling shell, but some have a left-coiling shell

But the genitals of 'lefty' snails are on the opposite side of their head

So it was thought normal 'face-to-face' mating was difficult or impossible

However, new research has revealed instances in a Japanese snail where the two types can overcome this barrier by twisting their genitals to mate face-to-face

Cá heo thi tài

tặng bọt biển để được... làm tình :)

Male humpback dolphins do more than just perform acrobatics to attract a mate - they also offer gifts, according to new research.

Marine biologists working off the northwest coast of Australia have observed a rare mating display in which male dolphins were seen gathering and offering large marine sponges (bọt biển) to females. Scientists have never seen this behaviour in dolphins before, highlighting a previously unknown level of social complexity.

Sexual displays are common throughout the animal kingdom, but displays accompanied by objects, or gifts, are actually quite rare. It's a behaviour often seen in some birds, but in mammals it's practically nonexistent outside of humans. New research published in Scientific Reports shows that another mammal, the Australian humpback dolphin (Sousa sahulensis), also participates in these ornamental mating rituals. But as to whether the female dolphins are actually impressed or persuaded by these behaviours, that remains unanswered.

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