Journey in Life: 12/18/17

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Monday, December 18, 2017

Món quà Noel cho bạn trai ý nghĩa giá cực "sinh viên"

in hình khuôn mặt chàng lên... đầu dương vật giả :D, ảnh đây,

If you are comically inclined, yet have absolutely no idea what to buy your partner for Christmas, there's a new toy that might do the trick.

A company called Wobbling Willy has launched dildos (dương vật giả) with 3D-printed heads on the end (the non... entry end?) – and, hey ho, the head can be yours. Your face. Or anyone's, actually. Think of all the fun you've missed!

This is by no means the most heartfelt (chân thành, thành tâm) or earnest (đứng đắn, nghiêm chỉnh) gift. We would advise (seriously) against giving it to your teacher or your grandparents. But if you work in one of those offices, or have a friend down the pub who loves a laugh, it sounds perfect.

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