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Friday, February 9, 2018

"If a wife is unfaithful then the husband is partly to blame" nghĩa là gì?

'If a wife is unfaithful then the husband is partly to blame'
~ ngạn ngữ Ả Rập

= nếu vợ không chung thủy thì chồng cũng có có lỗi phần nào...

Trung Quốc: Mạnh tay với nạn thương mại hóa tôn giáo

cấm các chùa tổ chức các sự kiện vì lợi nhuận, cấm các tượng phật, la hán... kém chất lượng dựng lên ở nơi công cộng, kiểm soát việc 'phóng sinh'...

New regulation aims to keep religion and commercial interests at arm’s length

The document prohibits temples from being commercially managed and from organizing for-profit activities in the name of religion. It also prohibits large, poor-quality religious statues from being erected in public spaces, and proposes that religious practices such as life release (phóng sinh) — the Buddhist tradition of freeing captive animals to accrue karma — be more strictly regulated, as it has raised animal rights concerns and carved out a niche for shady businesspeople.

...the commercialization of temples and other religious sites has become “a notable problem” in recent years. Blending commercial interests with religion “not only impacts the healthy inheritance and development of Buddhism and Taoism, but also degrades social conduct and causes corruption problems,”

"Bí kíp" giúp các cô nàng độc thân "thoát ế"

xin nhà nước trợ cấp tiền tổ chức đám cưới: chụp ảnh, lễ tân, trang  trí nhà cửa, 5% tiền áo cưới, 10.000 vnd cho mỗi gam vàng nhẫn cưới, tiền đi trăng mật...

The scheme will subsidize a raft of wedding expenses for local newlyweds, from wedding photography, honeymoon travel, and reception costs to apartment redecoration and even household appliances. For example, applicants can get 5 percent cash back for the bride’s wedding dress and 3 yuan ($0.48) for each gram of gold purchased as wedding jewelry.

But there’s a catch: Applications must be filed within a year of registering a marriage, and newlyweds must provide proof of purchase from approved stores.

A spokeswoman from the foundation’s office in Taiyuan — Shanxi’s capital — told that the foundation hoped the subsidy would stem luxury consumption and overpriced services in the wedding market by promoting “rational” spending on approved services. The scheme has already supported 1,000 couples in an unofficial pilot, and two cities in the eastern province of Anhui have trialed similar subsidies, she said.

...In 2018, Shanxi plans to dole out over 95 million yuan...

Bài trước: Báo in sẽ chết

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