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Saturday, February 10, 2018

"The woman who loves her husband corrects his faults; the man that loves his wife exaggerates them" nghĩa là gì?

'The woman who loves her husband corrects his faults; the man that loves his wife exaggerates them'
~ ngạn ngữ Armenia

= vợ yêu chồng sửa lỗi cho chồng; chồng yêu vợ thì lại trầm trọng hóa thêm...

Photo courtesy John Hope.

Bia rượu ngày tết, coi chừng ngộ độc do say xỉn

[giải độc thì có]

nghiên cứu mới: uống rượu giúp tẩy sạch chất độc trong não, nghiên cứu trên chuột, nhưng chắc người cũng thế... :)
A little bit of alcohol might help your brain clean itself, new research published Friday in Scientific Reports suggests. The research was done in mice, so it’s impossible to say if the benefit is the same for humans. But still.

“Except for a few types of cancer, including unfortunately breast cancer, alcohol is good for almost everything,” said Nedergaard, the director of the Center for Translational Neuromedicine at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

Nedergaard has studied the glymphatic system, a recently discovered system that helps clear waste from the body, since 2012.

Máy bay hạ cánh khẩn cấp vì hỏng toilet

có 84 thợ ống nước trên máy bay cũng ko chữa được, vì phải chữa từ bên ngoài máy bay, tại độ cao trên 10.000 mét, chịu... :)

the plane took off yesterday from Oslo Gardermoen but had to land in Skagerak just outside the Østfold coast before it had to turn back to Gardermoen to fix the problem.

Among the passengers, there were 84 plumbers who were on their way out for a trip to Munich with their plumbing company Rørkjøp. The managing director of the company, Frank Olsen said to Dagbladet that they would have liked to fix the toilet, but unfortunately it had to be done from the outside.

– We did not take the risk to send a plumber outside at 10,000 meters high. There was a good atmosphere in the plane with the irony about the broken toilets,

Bài trước: Sư thầy vĩ đại

Lãng mạn ở sân bay

cứ 10 người thì 1 làm tình ở sân bay,

trong số đó: 14% xxx "dưới áo choàng" ;)
Not the Mile High Club: One in 10 travelers has sex in an airport, survey finds

Romance is in the air — and sometimes in the airport.

About 1 in 10 American air travelers reports having had sex of some kind at an airport, compared with about 8 percent who are members of the Mile High Club, according to an important new survey conducted by a flight-shopping website.

Of those who had some sort of “sexual encounter,” 42 percent reported that it took place in a public restroom, while 28 percent got busy in the “storage cupboards” (?) and 14 percent “under a coat.” Twelve percent coupled in the VIP lounge, which at least makes some sense; 17 percent claim to have been caught in the act by airport staff.

Giấc mơ làm mẹ của người mẫu không tử cung

có âm đạo nhân tạo từ... ruột lợn
A SURGEON is working to create a bionic vagina in a groundbreaking medical project

He is developing an artificial vagina made from synthetic or biological material and a patient’s own cells.

It is set to benefit women with conditions like Mayer–Rokitansky–Küster-Hauser (MRKH) syndrome (hội chứng mrkh: không có tử cung), in which the vagina does not fully develop.

It could also help those who suffer from vaginal artesia, a disorder where the vagina is abnormally closed or absent.

Alexander has already developed a scaffold in the shape of a vagina.

In doing so, he extracted muscle and epithelial (biểu mô) cells (tế bào) from a patient and kept them in the lab for seven to 4 days.

They can be joined with synthetical material like plastic or biological material like pig intestine (ruột lợn).

They were then fed with nutrients that allowed the cells to grow and join together...

Chuẩn bị cho nghề nghiệp tương lai

nữ cảnh sát tập dùng còng số 8, nhưng ở phim bondage (nô lệ), nên đã bị mất việc... :)
A New Jersey sheriff's officer has lost her job because she previously appeared in bondage films as a dominatrix*.

The department suspended her six days before her academy graduation last year, saying she failed to disclose that she appeared in the films and sometimes saw clients privately for money (đi khách lấy tiền). Court documents show Hyman told investigators she never appeared naked and didn't perform sex acts in the videos.

A judge rescinded (bãi bỏ) the suspension, and Hyman was sworn in June 8. She then went on paid administrative leave pending the hearing...

= a dominating woman, especially one who takes the sadistic (ác dâm) role in sadomasochistic sexual activities.

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