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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Ngày Valentine gượng gạo

giả, thương mại hóa của tập đoàn để tăng sales, biết là chồng cũng mong đợi quà và bữa ăn tối ngon miệng, nhưng không chịu được bọn marketers thủ đoạn này...

-> dù sao cũng là dịp để nhớ đến người thân yêu, nếu thấy ngại thì tặng vào ngày hôm trước (em yêu nhé :)
Dear Dan,

This Valentine’s Day, as usual, I felt it was a fake, commercial love holiday designed by corporations to maximize their own wealth at our expense. Next year, I swear, I’ll skip the holiday altogether. I know that my husband will expect a gift and a nice dinner, but I have a hard time giving in to these manipulative marketers. What should I do?


Gift-giving is an amazing way to increase human connection, friendship and reciprocity. We don’t give gifts enough to the people we love most. So, while we all know that Valentine’s Day is a commercial invention, at least it makes us think about our loved ones and our relationships—and that’s good.

My advice: Stick to the dinner-and-a-gift policy. And if it’s just too hard for you to do on Valentine’s Day, do it the day before.

"The wife carries the husband on her face; the husband carries the wife on his clothes" nghĩa là gì?

'The wife carries the husband on her face; the husband carries the wife on his clothes'
~ ngạn ngữ Bulgari

-> vợ yêu chồng thể hiện trên nét mặt; chồng yêu vợ thể hiện ra áo quần...

Nụ cười còn mãi. Photo courtesy Pedro Ribeiro Simões.

Trắng đêm lạnh canh thiên nga

dùng thiên nga máy (giám sát chất lượng nước trong hồ) thì có phải đỡ mất công không?

Swanbots monitor water quality while blending in with their surroundings

...developing a Smart Water Assessment Network: Yes, that’s right, a SWAN. 

In the past, water monitoring was done by humans in boats, which was time consuming (tốn thời gian) and expensive (đắt đỏ). The NUSwan robots can autonomously putter (đi thơ thẩn, lang thang, làm tà tà) about while measuring  (đo đạc) water characteristics, including pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity (tính chất đục), and chlorophyll. The data are wirelessly uploaded to the cloud to be analyzed in real time, so that whoever is in charge of whether Singapore’s water is drinkable or not can immediately be notified if it isn’t.

In the future, the NUSwan robots could be trained to autonomously employ adaptive (thích ứng) sampling techniques, dynamically updating their navigation  (di chuyển của tàu thủy trên biển hoặc máy bay trên không) plans to collect data most efficiently.

Cái mặt không chơi được

cảnh sát thành phố Rotterdam của Hà Lan thử nghiệm 'tịch thu quần áo, trang sức đắt tiền' của thanh niên trẻ, nếu trông có vẻ không đủ khả năng/tiền để mua chúng...
Police in the Dutch city of Rotterdam have launched a new pilot programme which will see them confiscating expensive clothing and jewellery from young people if they look too poor to own them.

Officers say the scheme will see them target younger men in designer clothes they seem unlikely to be able to afford legally – if it is not clear how the person paid for it, it will be confiscated (tịch thu, sung công).

The idea is to deter (ngăn chặn, làm nản lòng, nhụt chí) criminality (sự phạm tội, tính chất trọng tội) by sending a signal that the men will not be able to hang onto their ill-gotten gains.

…He [the police chief] said the young men targeted often have no income and are already in debt from fines for previous convictions but wearing expensive clothing.

This “undermines the rule of law” which sends “a completely false signal to local residents”, he explained.

Nhà nghỉ thời đại

dép trong phòng tự chạy về đúng chỗ, sử dụng công nghệ của xe hơi tự hành...
The self-parking slippers by Nissan: 'Smart' Japanese hotel offers guests footwear that moves back into position when not being worn using car sensor technology

In Japan, where old traditions are constantly being updated with new technology, one inn is making use of automated driving technology to offer the latest in hands-free hospitality - self-driving slippers.

Nissan has developed a system for slippers to 'park' themselves at the entrance of the traditional inn at the push of a button, ready for guests to use upon arrival.

Each slipper is equipped with two tiny wheels, a motor and sensors to 'drive' across the wooden lobby floor using Nissan's ProPilot Park technology.

Bangkok sẽ chìm?

vì, để tránh trả tiền nước sinh hoạt, các nhà thổ đang lấy nước ngầm (lậu)...

Detectives (thám tử) are investigating (điều tra) whether water was stolen by more than 40 soapy massage parlours (phòng mát-xa) - massive brothels (nhà thổ, nhà chứa) with private bathrooms where customers receive sexual services.

The crackdown (đàn áp) began after underage (vị thành niên) sex workers (lao động tình dục) were discovered during a human trafficking raid.

In that operation, officers discovered evidence that groundwater was being stolen so brothels could avoid paying utility bills - as well as a ledger listing bribes to officials.

Environmental experts say the practice is making Bangkok, already a low-lying city, sink.

Bài trước: Cố ý gây tai nạn

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