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Friday, April 27, 2018

Cha mẹ thường xuyên la mắng con cái sẽ để lại hậu quả gì?

cậu bé giai mới 12 tuổi thôi, bị mẹ mắng, 

-> lấy thẻ tín dụng của mẹ, bay từ Úc tới Bali chơi, ở khách sạn 4 sao, uống bia tẹt ga, đi xe máy dù chưa có bằng, 4 ngày tiêu hết 6.100 usd...

After getting in a fight with his mom, the boy — identified by the pseudonym (biệt hiệu, bút danh) Drew — stole (ăn cắp) her credit card  (thẻ tín dụng) and booked a spiteful (hằn học, đầy thù hận, gây ra bởi ác ý) runaway flight from his home in Australia to Denpasar.

Drew planned it all out: He tricked his grandmother into giving him his passport and packed a backpack with some t-shirts and shorts. Instead of going to school in the morning, Drew took a train to the airport. He checked into his Jetstar flight through a self-service kiosk, and passed through security without any problems.

...The only time Drew was questioned about traveling alone was at Bali customs. But he told the immigrations officer that his mom was waiting outside — and off he went.

Once in Bali, Drew rented a motorbike and scooted around town (despite not having a license) and bought beer (though he says he didn’t like the taste). He was staying at the four-star All Seasons Hotel, where he checked in by telling staff that his sister would be joining him later

"The man with a beautiful wife is always singing, the one with little money is always counting" nghĩa là gì?

'The man with a beautiful wife is always singing, the one with little money is always counting'
~ ngạn ngữ Sicil

= người có vợ đẹp suốt ngày ca hát, người có ít tiền suốt ngày tính đếm

anh mang cho em một đóa quỳnh... Photo courtesy Steve Lv.

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