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Thursday, May 10, 2018

May mà không ở xứ thiên đường

một phụ nữ ở Anh bị tòa cấm hát 2 năm, không để ảnh hưởng đến hàng xóm, vì nghe như "mèo chết đuối" :D

Heather Webb, 48, think she’s the next Katherine Jenkins but people living within earshot of her flat in Norwich say her renditions are more like a Fright at the Opera. After a flood of complaints, Webb was handed a 24-month Criminal Behaviour Order on December 5th last year, banning her from singing loudly in her ground-floor flat.

Mr Burford, who downloaded a mobile phone app to record her and then sent it to the council, said: ‘She sounds like a drowning cat to be honest.’

...The order bans her from ‘engaging in conduct which causes alarm or distress’. It also bans her from ‘playing music, singing, shouting or creating noise at a volume which can be heard outside of her property’.

Bài trước: Lửa mắt em

Lửa mắt em

các nhà khoa học phát minh ra kính áp tròng mà người đeo nó có thể bắn tia laser...

Researchers have developed an ultrathin and flexible membrane (màng), less than a thousandth of a millimeter thick, that can be placed onto a contact lens, enabling the wearer to essentially shoot lasers from their eyes.

The membrane, which was developed by scientists from the University of St Andrews in Scotland, is made from an organic semiconducting polymer—a broad class of materials that consist of many repeated chains (chuỗi) of molecular (phân tử) units. It emits (phát ra) very low-powered laser light when illuminated (chiếu sáng, rọi sáng) by another laser.

Each membrane is able to produce a unique "barcode"—a well-defined series of laser beams in the form of sharp lines. This could have applications in identification technology as a kind of wearable security tag,

The membrane could also be applied to other objects, such as polymer banknotes (tiền giấy), in which it could act as an authentication (xác nhận là đúng, chứng minh là xác thực) feature to protect against counterfeiting (làm giả). It even has the potential to be used as a sensor (thiết bị cảm biến) to detect explosives (chất nổ)...

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