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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Ai cũng từng như vậy

ngồi cạnh một hành khách bốc mùi không thể chịu đựng nổi,

tất cả các hành khách buồn nôn, máy bay phải hạ cánh khẩn cấp...

The flight was heading to the Spanish island of Gran Canaria when it had to make an unexpected detour (đi vòng để tránh cái gì) as passengers  (hành khách) became overwhelmed by the “unbearable” (không thể chịu đựng nổi) smell (mùi) of the “unwashed” man.

The man in question smelt so bad that other tourists began fainting (ngất) and vomiting (nôn ọe) after the plane took off from Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands.

Staff on board the Transavia plane had reportedly tried to quarantine (cách ly) the passenger in a toilet of the Boeing 737 before pilots took the action to divert (làm trệch hướng, thay đổi mục đích) the flight.

The plane landed in the Portuguese city of Fargo to allow the smelly man to be removed from the aircraft. A picture taken by a passenger shows medical (y tế) personnel (nhân viên) taking the man from the flight into a bus. Transavia confirmed the emergency landing was due to "medical reasons". The reasons behind why the man smelt so bad are unknown along with what medical issues he was suffering from...

Mẹo uống rượu, bia không say

đó là uống bia chế từ cây gai dầu -> chỉ có phê mà thôi :D

When Dooma Wendschuh told his wife he was leaving the world of video games to develop a beer brewed from cannabis (cây gai dầu), she had some reservations (dè dặt).

“My wife (said) ‘I married a writer and I was so excited about that, and now you’re telling me you want to become a drug dealer,’” Wendschuh said after his presentation on cannabis opportunities for brewers (người ủ rượu bia) at the Canadian Brewing Awards and Conference in Halifax.

Wendschuh, who left a successful video game writing company that had worked on titles such as the Assassin’s Creed franchise, is the CEO of Province Brands of Canada which is developing a beer brewed from cannabis. The beer is brewed using waste product from cannabis growers, such as stalks (thân cây) and stems (cuống lá) of the plants, and contains no alcohol.

...The biggest challenge to that goal is the difference in how alcohol and cannabis are metabolized (chuyển hóa). When cannabis is eaten it takes a long time to take effect and can last for several hours. Province Brand is currently experimenting with accelerants (chất gia tốc) to help create a similar uptake time to alcohol.

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