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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Canada: vùng đất nguy hiểm

các con công không chịu được phản chiếu của nó, và tấn công các xe hơi đắt tiền

Feral (hoang dã, hung tợn, cục súc) peacocks in Canada are either having existential crises en masse ... or they really can’t deal with their reflections.

Residents of Surrey in British Columbia are having issues with the feathered creatures (con vật có lông này) roaming their neighborhoods. In addition to being loud, the animals keep attacking expensive (đắt tiền) cars in the area.

“With the dark-coloured cars, they can see their reflection fairly clearly, so they mistake that as another peacock and have at it ... They’ll get the front panel, the side panel, the rear panel and then work around to the other side.”

The issue has been going on for months, with one resident (cư dân) going to extremes and chopping down a tree that held a peafowl nest (tổ chim công). That resident subsequently (rồi thì, rồi sau đó) received a $1,000 fine...

Canada: vùng đất ngoại giao

yêu cầu nông dân không bón phân trên đồng, trước khi diễn ra hội nghị G7

The aim is to make a good impression (ấn tượng tốt) -- in order to boost tourism (thúc đẩy du lịch) -- on Canada's G7 guests and not expose the leaders of Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States to unpleasant odors (mùi khó chịu).

But local lawmakers are making a stink (bới thối ra, làm toáng lên) on behalf of farmers.

...A long winter meant farmers could not access their fields until last week -- later than usual -- to start preparing the ground for seeding. "Asking farmers to stop their operations puts their crops at risks," Andre Villeneuve, a member of a Quebec opposition party, told the provincial legislature on Thursday...

Hai con thằn lằn con

doggy, then spoon :D

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