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Thursday, June 14, 2018

"Pulley block" nghĩa là gì?

Photo courtesy Matti Mattila.

'Pulley block' nghĩa là ròng rọc.

Ví dụ
The repetitious work of these machines suggested in turn the first experiments in mass production based on interchangeable parts (clocks, guns, gun carriages, pulley blocks, locks, hardware, furniture).

This substitution of machine for men had consequences, as Winchester demonstrates with the pulley block. Pulley blocks were the devices that sailing ships used to manipulate the rigging, trimming, raising, and lowering of the sails.

Artefacts from a slave ship wrecked off South Africa are due to be unveiled in Cape Town. They are thought to be the first objects to be recovered from a slave ship that went down while it was transporting people. Archaeologists hope the objects will help scholars, as well as be a memorial to all those caught up in the trade. Millions of Africans were transported as part of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and many died on the journey. Remnants from shackles, iron bars used as ballast for the ship and a wooden pulley block will be shown for the first time at Cape Town's Iziko Slave Lodge museum on Tuesday.

Phạm Hạnh

Trong cái rủi có cái may

khách hàng quen bị cảnh sát bắn nhầm ở hộp đêm, giờ được uống bia miễn phí cả đời

The patron (khách hàng quen, thần hộ mệnh, người bảo trợ) of Mile High Spirits Distillery and Tasting Bar, in Denver, was shot in the leg around 12:45 a.m. after the agent allegedly shot him as he grabbed his gun off the floor after it fell out of his waistband holster.

The distillery (nhà máy rượu, xưởng sản xuất rượu), according to Fox 31, said it's "shocking that the only shooting to ever occur at our establishment came about as a result of an FBI agent entering our distillery tasting room carrying a loaded firearm without our knowledge, in violation of our rules."

...Mile High's statement said the team is wishing the patron, who was taken to the hospital in good condition after the incident, a quick recovery and added he will receive "complimentary (mời, biếu) drinks forever."

Quá thừa ở Sóc Trăng rồi

vườn thú ở quảng đông (lớn nhất) biến đổi gen của khỉ, khiến chúng bị rối loạn não bộ, để nghiên cứu cách chữa trị bệnh tự kỷ

A visit to a facility in Guangdong province, where researchers are tinkering with monkey brains in order to understand the most severe forms of autism.

...The car slowed at a leafy turnoff, and Zhou pointed out a sign—brand-new, he remarked—with the breeding facility’s name in both English and Chinese. (The company did not want to be named because it feared a backlash (phản ứng mạnh) from animal-rights activists (nhà hoạt động bảo vệ quyền động vật).) Zhou had been staying there for weeks at a time; the sprawling campus has an on-site cafeteria, and dorms for workers who tend to the facility’s thousands of crab-eating macaques (khỉ đuôi ngắn). Most of the monkeys are sold to international companies that supply animals to pharmaceutical and research labs (phòng thí nghiệm dược phẩm).

The breeding facility does not itself genetically engineer monkeys, but Feng realized that its huge number of monkeys made it an ideal proving ground for new genetic-engineering technologies. A Chinese acquaintance was already studying stem cells at the facility, so it was not difficult for Feng and his colleagues to set up shop there, too.

The collaboration between Feng and the facility was spurred by the new gene-editing techniques, especially crispr, that have swept like a fever through biology research. Crispr uses proteins as molecular scissors, allowing scientists to home in on and disable particular genes. Before crispr, the genetic engineering of primates was a laborious process capable of a very limited number of edits. Few research groups even attempted it; even fewer succeeded. With crispr, monkeys can be genetically engineered almost as easily as mice.

Làm thế nào để con không béo phì?

ít nhất thì ăn pizza đừng có nằm trên giường :)
Photo courtesy bostonpizza.


Just in time for Father's Day, Boston Pizza has released a limited edition pizza box that’s designed for eating pizza in bed.

"Thổi kèn" giữa phố

bị cảnh sát còng tay vì thổi quá to

...Cops claim they are reacting to complaints from fed-up (chán ngấy) neighbours (hàng xóm) in Edinburgh — but admitted none had been made on the day they nicked John.

Fellow piper Thomas Wilson, 28, who saw the musician get lifted on Sunday, said: “None of us want hassle (điều rắc rối, phiền muộn, tranh cãi) from the police (cảnh sát). To get arrested (bị bắt) for playing the pipes (ống sáo, ống tiêu, ống nhạc hơi) is disgraceful (nhục nhã, hổ thẹn). “Buskers (người hát rong) on the Royal Mile know neighbours don’t always appreciate it so we try to keep the level below 80 decibels. “We all play with bagpipes (kèn túi) that output at half level — that’s the noise of an ambient (bao quanh, xung quanh) street. We are trying to respect the local businesses.”

A source close to John added: “It’s ridiculous. No one else had a problem with the noise. It’s the Royal Mile, people expect noise and entertainment, it’s what makes it special (điều đặc biệt).”

Để sân golf thêm sức hấp dẫn

có gấu đi lang thang :)
A grizzly bear (gấu xám) turned the heads of golfers and residents Monday when it showed up in Conrad, a community of 2,600 in northcentral Montana, far from the core recovery area along the Rocky Mountain Front.

Wesley Sarmento, a bear management specialist with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, removed the hazard (mối nguy hiểm, rủi ro).

Accompanied by an FWP game warden (người gác, người giám sát, người bảo vệ rừng), Sarmento tracked the grizzly to the backyard of a residence on the northwest edge of the city and north of the golf course.

"It charged out from the brush at us, then did a tight 90-degree angle turn," said Sarmento, who shot the bear in the side with a dart (mũi tên, phi tiêu, cái lao, ngọn mác) at a distance of 12 feet.

Điều không nên đề cập trong bản sơ yếu lý lịch

"giải quyết nỗi buồn" khi chạy bộ buổi sáng trước cửa nhà người lạ, bị chụp ảnh -> phải từ chức lãnh đạo công ty

Andrew Douglas Macintosh, 64, was a senior manager at one of Australia’s leading retirement village operators.

As revealed by The Courier-Mail, Mr Macintosh was charged after allegedly defecating (đại tiện, khử tạp chất) on a unit block pathway in Greenslopes while going about his morning run.

The alleged deed was captured on camera by a fed-up resident.

Mr Macintosh was a national quality manager with Aveo and a member of Brisbane City Council’s Inclusive Board.

Bài trước: Xin hãy rời xa

Sao anh không gọi cho em

mực ống thụ tinh ở lưỡi 1 phụ nữ khi cô này ăn sống

The 63-year-old needed immediate medical attention after sperm from the raw squid inseminated (thụ tinh) her mouth, a bizarre (kỳ quái, kỳ dị) medical report (bệnh án) says

When doctors examined the woman, they discovered "12 small, white spindle-shaped, bug-like" sperm (tinh trùng, tinh dịch) bags embedded in her tongue and gums.

The foreign bodies were identified as squid spermatophores - sperm-containing capsules - belonging to a Japanese flying squid, or Todarodes pacificus.

The woman had reportedly failed to remove the squid's internal organs, and compounded the problem by parboiling (đun sôi nửa chừng, nấu chín tới, luộc sơ) the creature for a few seconds before eating it.

That means the spermatophores remained alive and well. It is thought they were looking for a soft place to embed when they settled in her tongue and gums...

Bài trước: Bầu trời sụp đổ

Xin hãy rời xa

đốt cháy bếp để đuổi bạn cùng phòng ra khỏi nhà

...police and firefighters responded to the South Portland home to investigate (điều tra) a reported fire Sunday night. the 52-year-old suspect was arrested (bị bắt) and charged (bị kết tội) with arson (cố ý gây hỏa hoạn, đốt phá (nhà cửa)) Monday.

Fire Marshal’s Office spokesman Sgt. Ken Grimes reports the man lit a small fire on his kitchen table in an effort to force his roommate (bạn cùng phòng) to move out. The roommate fled the house during the fire and was unharmed.

Grimes says arson carries a maximum penalty of 30 years in prison.

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