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Friday, June 22, 2018

Phương trời nào có anh

trong 11 tháng qua,

cô vợ khóc than chồng, nhận 'xác' chết đuối từ cảnh sát vào tháng 6/2017, cuối cùng, tháng 5/2018, anh chồng lù lù hiện về...

A Japanese woman mourned (than khóc, thương tiếc) the death of her husband, whom she believed was found dead in a river (chết đuối ở sông), only to be stunned nearly a year later when her spouse (chồng) returned very much alive at her doorstep (thềm cửa).

Tokyo police said a body of a man — initially believed to be in his 40s — was discovered in the Edo River in the city’s Katsushika Ward in June 2017, three days after the unidentified (không xác định danh tính) woman reported her husband missing. The wife, along with two relatives (người thân), went to police and “positively” identified the man as a family member.

The family cremated (hỏa táng) the body.

The “dead” man, however, suddenly showed up at the family’s home in May.

It’s unclear where the Japanese woman’s husband has been for the last 11 months...

Bài trước: Đừng ham vợ trẻ

Chút tình muộn màng

chôn bố trong chiếc xe BMW mới toanh giá 88.000 usd vì đã hứa sẽ mua cho bố một chiếc xe mới 'một ngày nào đó'

It’s not uncommon for wealthy families to go all out when it comes to getting a funeral casket (quan tài) to give their loved ones a proper send-off. Gold plated; diamond encrusted (khảm, nạm); theme-based coffins (áo quan) – we have seen them all. However, a well-heeled (lắm tiền nhiều của) Nigerian man, identified only as Azubuike, buried his father in a brand new BMW SUV instead of a coffin to see him off in style in the local village graveyard (bãi tha ma, nghĩa địa). According to local reports, Azubuike had always promised his dad that one day he would have a fancy car. But when he lost his father to old age, he decided to fulfill his promise (thực hiện lời hứa) and bought a new BMW luxury (sang trọng) car worth $88,000 from the showroom to burry him in it.

...Locals even quipped that the BMW is equipped with Sat Nav to help him find his stairway to heaven (chiếc thang lên thiên đường)...

...It’s not the first time a luxury car was used as a coffin. In 2015, a Nigerian billionaire buried his mother in a brand new Hummer.

Bài trước: Vãi tè là có thật

Hủy hoại sự nghiệp diễn xuất

vì chim "to nhất thế giới", không đạo diễn hollywood nào thuê cả,

nhưng tin tốt là nhiều sao (có đạt giải oscar, it wasn't Meryl Streep) tìm đến đòi yêu :D

Jonah Falcon said his 13.5-inch penis (dương vật) has earned him a reputation (danh tiếng) among film directors (đạo diễn) who are put off by a number of circulated stories about the 47-year-old.

But while he may not be landing any major Hollywood roles, Jonah, who lives in Los Angeles, claims celebrities (người nổi tiếng) seek him out for sex.

he said: "It's handicapped (gây cản trở, gây bất lợi) my acting (diễn xuất) because people won't hire me. "It sucks - it relegates (giao việc, chuyển xuống vị trí/hạng thấp hơn) me into doing smaller parts. Maybe in the UK or Germany it might help my acting career, but here in Hollywood it's a negative."

...The actor said he loves receiving compliments (lời khen ngợi) from porn stars (sao phim khiêu dâm) who often claim he's bigger than any partner they've had. And when it comes to measuring up, Jonah claims to be nine inches when flaccid (sun, mềm nhũn, ẻo lả, yếu đuối, ủy mị) - compared to the average man who is around five to six inches when erect (cương cứng).

Vãi tè là có thật

muốn đi vệ sinh ở cửa hàng mcdonald phải mua bánh, có hóa đơn, rồi lấy mã, điền vào bảng điện tử ở cửa rồi mới vào được

In order to use the bathroom at the fast-food restaurant in Maroochydore, Queensland, customers claim they have to first place their order and use the code (mã số) on the bottom of the receipt (hóa đơn) to get access to the toilet - a system in place at multiple McDonald's restaurants in the UK.

Numerous people have taken to social media to criticise (chỉ trích) the policy (chính sách) and claim the amount of extra time it takes to go the bathroom has already caused one “accident” and other near-misses.

Bài trước: Nhanh không trễ tàu

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