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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Biết ra sao ngày sau

Life doesn't come with an instruction book. That's why we have fathers.
~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Cuộc sống không có sách hướng dẫn. Đó là lý do vì sao chúng ta có cha.

Photo courtesy Tjook (@xtjook).

Bài trước: Người cha hoàn hảo

Tay ải, tay ai?

một ngón tay được tìm thấy trong... miệng rùa, nhưng cảnh sát louisiana không biết của ai :)

a Bush, Louisiana man contacted the department after he found the finger inside the turtle while he was cleaning and processing the animal for consumption. The turtle was caught on a trotline in a river in the western part of the parish (giáo xứ, xứ đạo).

The finger was turned over to the St. Tammany Parish Coroner's Office in an attempt to identify who it belonged to. Both the sheriff's office and the coroner's office attempted (cố gắng) to to obtain a fingerprint (lấy dấu vân tay), but were unsuccessful (không thành công). Local hospitals were also contacted, but no information was found.

Alligator snapping turtles have scissor-like beaks (mỏ như kéo) and jaws (hàm) powerful enough to cut cleanly through bone (xương),

Bài trước: Lại mất nước

Ôtô giải khuây

thanh niên 23 tuổi bị bắt vì cố làm tình với... ống khói ôtô :D

Ryan Malek, 23, was named in a Municipal Court complaint accusing him of exposing himself with the intent of arousing (khêu gợi, kích thích; khuấy động, gợi) or gratifying (làm vừa lòng) “sexual desires (ham muốn tình dục).” Malek has been summoned (mời đến, triệu đến) to appear in court (có mặt tại tòa) on July 19 to answer the criminal charge.

...Local cops responding to a 911 call about a man beneath a vehicle discovered Malek endeavoring (cố gắng) to place his penis (dương vật) into the tailpipe (ống khói, ống xả) of a car parked outside an apartment complex. Malek, a Newton resident, was “oblivious” when initially contacted by police. Malek, whose blood alcohol content (nồng độ rượu trong máu) was later measured at more than four times (cao gấp 4 lần) the legal limit (hạn mức cho phép), continued trying to have sex with the tailpipe in the presence of officers (ngay trước mặt cảnh sát). Cops subsequently tased Malek, took him into custody, and transported him to a local hospital for treatment.

Quảng cáo mùa world cup 2018

Burger King hứa thưởng phụ nữ nga 3 triệu rubles cho những ai ngủ và có con với cầu thủ bóng đá quốc tế,

-> đã phải rút quảng cáo và xin lỗi

There are many things people will do for free food - but sleeping with someone shouldn't have to be one of them. But that was exactly what an advert posted on an official Burger King social media page suggested they do.

The post by Burger King Russia, which has now been deleted, offered a reward of three million rubles (around £35,000) and a lifetime supply of Whoppers to any woman who could get themselves impregnated by a World Cup player.

The campaign was put up on VK, the Russian equivalent of Facebook on Tuesday morning. It was pulled shortly after being published due to widespread backlash.

"Burger King, within the framework of social responsibility, has appointed a reward for girls who get pregnant from the stars of world football. "Each will receive 3 million rubles, and a lifelong supply of Whoppers. "For these girls, it will be possible to get the best football genes, and will lay down the success of the Russian national team on several generations ahead. Forward! We believe in you!"

Bài trước: Vợ bắt ăn cá

Chậm có thai vì sao?

15 năm không có con, mà con dê được thừa kế từ bà ngoại cứ đẻ sòn sòn 'sinh đôi'

hỏi phù thủy mới biết, là đã bị phù phép, -> về nhà giết hết dê -> vài tháng sau có thai luôn :)

She had been in a childless marriage for 15 years and the only celebrations she knew was when her inherited goat gave birth.

The goat, which she was given by her maternal grandmother, always gave birth to twins and little did she know that her fertility (khả năng sinh sản) was “transferred” to the goat.

...Mahuni revealed that she was still in shock of what transpired (tiết lộ ra) in her life after consulting a certain Bulawayo prophet (nhà tiên tri) who then asked to go with them to their rural home.

“When we went to this prophet, she said my problem was not a big one, but for me to have children I should make a sacrifice (hy sinh) and allow them to kill all my goats. “It came out that my grandmother had bewitched (bỏ bùa mê) me not to have children, but the inherited goat to have lots of kids at my expense. “It turned out it was true, because after all the goats had been killed and burnt, a few months later I had my first pregnancy,” said the teary Mahuni.

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