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Friday, June 29, 2018

Những ông bố có con trai nên nhớ điều này

Every father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his advice.
~ Charles Kettering

Mỗi người cha nên nhớ rằng một ngày nào đó con trai sẽ noi gương thay vì nghe theo lời khuyên từ anh ta.

Photo courtesy Giuseppe Milo.

Bài trước: Trẻ em cần gì nhất ở bố mẹ?

"Pig iron" nghĩa là gì?

Power can turn you into a pig. Photo courtesy Ralf Steinberger.

'Pig iron' = crude iron as first obtained from a smelting furnace, in the form of oblong blocks -> nghĩa là gang, mẻ kim loại.

Ví dụ
Brazilian pig iron export prices remained unchanged this week, but rumors of shipments being booked at lower prices have started to be heard.

We believe the increased competitiveness may prompt Chinese steelmakers to boost merchant pig iron (MPI) imports in times when local pig iron/hot metal production slows down.

Buyers in the US, the largest global consumer of merchant pig iron, started to restock in mid-May, when scrap prices became clear for May. All cargoes were booked at $405-410 per tonne cfr from CIS and Brazilian suppliers.

Following a month-long market consultation, the European and CIS pig iron prices have been amended to include manganese content in the pig iron. Payment terms and minimum order size have been revised in line with current market conditions.

Phạm Hạnh

Do lười mà thôi

con lười khi đi ị cũng đau như đau đẻ :D

Sloths (con lười) have one of the most unique (độc đáo) rituals (nghi lễ) when it comes to defecation (đại tiện). Unlike most other animals, the sloths only urinate and release their bowels once a week.

When a sloth does their weekly poo, a lot comes out. Rebecca Cliffe, a sloth biologist at Swansea University, observed the sloths and could see "their stomachs physically shrink" when releasing poop. The animals can lose up to one-third of their body weight during defecation, and the poop can weigh over 2 pounds.

The sloth has to physically climb down from a forest canopy to poop. To start the act of defecation, a sloth initiates a ritual dance that helps with the process. The dancing creates a tiny space in the dirt for the turd (cục phân; người đê tiện, đáng ghét). The sloth can also do a second dance just to get back up the tree.

As the sloth only goes to the bathroom once a week, the turd emerges as a long piece, which scientists say, resembles an old banana. Constipation (táo bón) is a normal part of a sloth's life and consequently, each bowel movement can be as painful as childbirth.

...These animals have a slow metabolism (trao đổi chất; chuyển hóa), and it can take them a month to digest (tiêu hóa) certain types of food.

Còn điều gì mà họ không làm được?

người say rượu/bia giỏi hơn trong việc giải quyết các vấn đề đỏi hỏi sự sáng tạo :)

-> đó là lý do langdu xem vài episodes 'big bang theory', '2 & a half man', 'how i met your mother', 'chuck'..., uống 1-2 lon bia với @bien, rồi mới bắt đầu... viết luận văn :), khi du học ở nhật bản

Professor Andrew Jarosz of Mississippi State University and colleagues served vodka-cranberry cocktails to 20 male subjects until their blood alcohol levels neared legal intoxication and then gave each a series of word association problems to solve. Not only did those who imbibed (uống, nốc, hít; hấp thụ, tiêm nhiễm) give more correct answers than a sober control group performing the same task, but they also arrived at solutions more quickly. The conclusion: drunk people are better at creative problem solving.

Bài trước: Khôôôôông...

Bó tay với công an

bị phạt sở hữu súng bất hợp pháp vì...có hình xăm khẩu súng trên trán :))

Michael Vines allegedly attempted to ditch (vứt bỏ, quăng đi) a loaded .38-caliber revolver after a recent car wreck (tai nạn ôtô) by throwing it into a grassy (cỏ mọc đầy) area.

Vines is federally prohibited from possessing a firearm (vũ khí).

He also has a handgun tattooed (xăm) on his forehead (trán), according to a mugshot (ảnh căn cước) posted by the department.

Vines was charged with driving with a suspended license (treo bằng), driving too fast for conditions and unlawful carrying of a firearm.

Xem phim Chàng lính cứu hỏa

2 nhân viên cứu hỏa ohio bị đình chỉ công tác do... cùng nhau đóng phim sex ở phòng gym của sở :)

...The footage, which was shared on several porn websites (trang web phim khiêu dâm), appears to a show a woman, thought to be Eller, naked (khỏa thân) and working out (tập thể dục/thể hình) in a basement gym (phòng gym ở tầng hầm).

...A joint statement from Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan and Fire Chief Clarence Tucker obtained by FOX8 called the allegations (lời cáo buộc) “shocking and distressing (gây đau buồn/ đau đớn.”

“The Akron Fire Department is composed of hundreds of committed first responders (người ứng phó khẩn cấp) who comport themselves with dignity (chân giá trị, phẩm cách, lòng tự trọng), professionalism (trình độ nghiệp vụ, phẩm chất chuyên môn, tính chuyên nghiệp), and the highest levels of integrity (tính chính trực/liêm chính) and dedication (cống hiến, hiến dâng) in their service to the Akron public. These courageous public servants put their lives on the line each and every day to protect the health, safety, and property of Akron citizens and serve as role models of duty and service across our community. These allegations bring unwelcome dishonor (ô danh, ô nhục, nhục nhã, hổ thẹn) and embarrassment (tình trạng rắc rối, ngượng ngùng) to Akron Fire Department and the City of Akron and unfairly discredit (mang tai tiếng, mất uy tín, mất thể diện) the reputation (danh tiếng) of other Akron Fire officers.”

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