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Sunday, July 1, 2018

"Take the piss out of sb/sth" nghĩa là gì?

Manneken Pis (Flemish, means “little man pee”). Photo courtesy Arild Finne Nybø.

'Take the piss out of somebody/something' nghĩa là lấy ai/cái gì ra làm trò cười (to take liberties at the expense of others, or to be joking, or to be unreasonable; mock, tease, joke, ridicule, or scoff.)

Ví dụ
Foil Arms and Hog perfectly take the piss out of the English football press.

We've done it lads. We've finally done it. After thirty plus years of hurt, we've finally started to properly take the piss out of ourselves and go full meta with the whole England hype train.

Everyone loves it when celebs are prepared to take the piss out of themselves, and if Ryan Reynolds has proved anything over the years, it's that he knows he's as good a target for savage (có ác ý, thù nghịch) trolling as anyone.

After the video clip went viral, people online have been lining up to take the piss out of the driver as well, with one saying that it looked like the man sat at the bar was getting a free Lamborghini with his drink. That'd be quite nice, wouldn't it?

Phạm Hạnh

Singapore cũng loạn

2 người đánh nhau để giành quyền... đi đái, chiếc bồn đái cuối cùng ở ga mrt chỗ geylang :D

The police said they were alerted to a call for assistance at 8.20pm at 81 Lorong 25 Geylang.

In photos sent to citizen journalism site Stomp, at least three police officers were seen confronting a group of men.

The two men were arguing over whose turn it was to use the last available urinal (bồn tiểu) in the toilet, said the netizen who sent the photo to Stomp and was only identified as Leonard.

"It escalated into a big fight, from inside the toilet to outside, that also involved the men's respective companions.

Bài trước: Do lười mà thôi

Hình ảnh “khó đỡ” được Google Maps ghi lại

một DƯƠNG VẬT rất to ở đáy hồ tại Geelong, Victoria, Úc

It may not be as impressive (ấn tượng) as the Great Wall (Vạn Lý Trường Thành) of China, but an obscene (tục tĩu, khiêu dâm) new landmark can be spotted from space (không gian): a giant (khổng lồ) phallus (dương vật).

The penis was drawn in the bottom of a dry lake bed by an unknown prankster (người tinh nghịch, đùa cợt, chơi khăm) in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

...The obscene landmark is not the only phallus-shaped object to seen on Google Maps by dirty-minded Internet users in recent times. A Christian Science Church in Dixon, Illinois was mocked on social media after it was discovered to be in the shape of a penis. "The building was intentionally designed around a beautiful oak tree (cây sồi)"

Đức bị loại khỏi World Cup: đâu là nguyên nhân?

về sớm, còn lên tàu sex tập thể lớn nhất thế giới chứ ;)

HUNDREDS of kinky (bất thường/khêu gợi về tình dục) fetish (kích thích tình dục, gợi dục) fans boarded a boat in southern Germany on Saturday for the world’s largest BDSM party.

The raunchy (thô tục, dâm ô) Torture (tra tấn, đau đớn ghê gớm về thể xác/tinh thần) Ship set sail for the idyllic (điền viên, đồng quê, bình dị) Lake Constance, which borders Austria and Switzerland, setting off from Friedrichshafen.

Filled with scantily-clad (thiếu vải) woman and leather-bound men, the boat docked in the city of Konstanz on Sunday morning.

The huge barge (thuyền rồng) has been ferrying bondage enthusiasts around the lake for 22 years.

BDSM stands for Bondage (nô lệ, tù tội) and Discipline, Dominance (khống chế) and Submission (khuất phục, quy phục, phục tùng), and Sadism (ác dâm) and Masochism (khổ dâm, bạo dâm).

Bài trước: Em ạ nữ tiến sĩ

Em ạ nữ tiến sĩ

yêu cầu nam sinh viên gửi ảnh con cu để (nghiên cứu) đo lường độ tự tin và lòng tự trọng :D, ai sợ bị lộ ảnh có thể đến gặp nữ tiến sĩ để được phỏng vấn trực tiếp :))

Professor Alicia Walker asks participants to voluntarily provide the measurements of their penis when erect (cương) and flaccid (sun, mềm oặt), as well as photographic evidence, in a research project that has been has been approved by the Missouri State University Institutional Review Board.

“The purpose is to investigate how men feel about their bodies in a culture where we place emphasis on size, including size of penises, and to further look at how that impacts their tendency toward safe sex, relationships, and more.”

...Volunteers are assured of privacy, but men can also be interviewed if they want to participate without sending photos.

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