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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Cafe Quân - khu đô thị Pháp Vân - Tứ Hiệp

Bài trước: Món Ngon Sài Thành - Dã Tượng ở Hà Nội

"The same old story" nghĩa là gì?

đội tuyển bóng đá argentina không nhảy được điệu tango trên sân, vì, như thường lệ, quá phụ thuộc vào messi. Photo courtesy Ferran Legaz.

'The same old story' nghĩa là chuyện rất thường xảy ra (what is about to be or has just been mentioned is nothing new; it is a situation that happens repeatedly); 'chuyện thường ngày ở huyện'.

Ví dụ
Will It Be The Same Old Story In Wimbledon Men's Singles In 2018?

Before a ball was kicked there was a real fear that the Three Lions would crash out early and it would be the same old story - but their run to the semis has seen the country fall in love with international football again.

The Curse of Champions continued as Germany crashed out of the tournament in the group stages with their defeat to Mexico being the lowest ebb. Argentina, owing to their firepower in every part of the pitch were expected to shine, even after scraping through the qualifiers. However, what unravelled was the same old story of overdependence on Messi who for once seemed out of sorts thus losing out to France in one of the most pulsating matches of the Cup.

There is huge excitement among Indian Netflix audiences this month. After Netflix India’s original movies “Love Per Square Foot” and “Lust Stories”, the first-ever Netflix original Indian web series “Sacred Games” released on July 6. From the trailer, the plot looked simple – the same old story of a gangster’s rise and fall. We’ve seen it in Bollywood before. But after watching the series, one can’t resist getting attached to it and wanting more. Its influence rises with every episode, and at the end of the season, we are left dumbstruck.

Phạm Hạnh

"On the same wavelength as" nghĩa là gì?

không cùng sóng với Trump. Photo courtesy Fibonacci Blue.

'On the same wavelength as' nghĩa là suy nghĩ và có quyền lợi (như ai) và do vậy hiểu được người đó; 'bắt sóng nhau'.

Ví dụ
On the other side of the global barricade, millions of French supporters of Marine Le Pen’s far right are on the same wavelength as Trump on issues like immigration and borders.

Pjaca skips and shimmies (nhảy điệu simmi) down the right flank (cánh phải), foxing Lucas Hernandez with a couple of stepovers. He tries to pick out Sime Vrsalko, but the Croatia right-back isn’t on the same wavelength as (không hiểu ý) his team-mate (đồng đội) and a promising move breaks down.

In neighboring Syria, Beijing has already made sure it is positioning itself as a major actor in the nation’s reconstruction, alongside Iran and Russia. China sees Syria upgraded as a BRI node. Now, couple that with a parliamentary report at the Bundestag in Berlin ruling that the US presence in Syria is illegal. This means that for the leading EU nation, Damascus cannot possibly be characterized as a pariah (người sống ngoài lề xã hội, bị xã hội bỏ rơi; người hạ đẳng) anymore. The EU could be on the same wavelength as Russia, which is working with Iran and Turkey for a Syria solution in Astana, and China, which supports the Astana process. What next? The EU in Syria copying China’s policy for the Arab world?

Phạm Hạnh

"Not to be in the same street as" nghĩa là gì?

'Not to be in the same street as' nghĩa là kém tài ai, không so được với ai (to be completely different, usually worse, in quality than).

He ran well. He is in the same street as them, he just came up a bit short today. He needs a good gallop. It was a bit tough, the opposition, but he ran well. There is the race at Goodwood, the Lennox, but he is not bad over six and you can play around. You have a flirtation with these sort of races, but you can always drop him down a cog and win with him. Maybe he is just short of the best, but he is not bad.

Photo courtesy kanegen.

Phạm Hạnh

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