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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

"Like a lamplighter" nghĩa là gì?

Photo courtesy Billie Grace Ward.

'Like a lamplighter' có từ lamplighter là người thắp đèn -> cụm từ này nghĩa là rất nhanh; 'run like a lamplighter' = chạy cuống cuồng, chạy bán sống bán chết.

Ví dụ
He writes in praise of roads, boats, collies, thorn bushes, and, in 1977, the year before MacDiarmid’s demise, of his old Assynt friend Angus MacLeod, who “went through a company like a lamplighter”.

On the subject of the traditional repositories, we would place emphasis on the fact that it is not the most interesting thing to look for the information for months. At this rate, you are to make use of the beyond reproach retrieval engines of the Virtual Platforms . Not only you, but also your customers have the right to find anything like a lamplighter.

He walks like a lamplighter through my mind,
in the brown bomber jacket he wore
over whites and to class in the fall,
Marine Corps issue from late ’44,
when he flew Hellcats at Mindinao.

Most of them long dead, bring a city to life, radio by radio, like a lamplighter running from house to house, touching us with the spirit of a goddess coming home. Happy Durga Puja!

Phạm Hạnh

“Thú tội”: Đáng thương hay đáng trách?

ni cô buôn lậu cocain ở gót giầy...

A Missouri nun (nữ tu sĩ, ni cô) smuggled (buôn lậu) 2 pounds of cocaine into Australia using her high heels (giầy/guốc cao gót) — but claims she was duped (bịp, lừa) into the act by a man she met online.

Denise Marie Woodrum, 51, was caught arriving into Sydney Airport last August while making her way through customs — when officers discovered the drugs stuffed into the heels of her shoes. But her lawyer, Rebecca Neil, told District Court Judge Penelope Wass last week that the items were meant for a mystery man Woodrum had met online named Hendrik Cornelius.

...After a failed marriage (hôn nhân đổ vỡ) and major health problems that led to crippling (làm tê liệt, làm lụn bại) bills (hóa đơn, chi phí), Woodrum, a sister of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, a religious order based in Kansas, believed she had met someone special online...

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