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Thursday, September 6, 2018

"Try to run before you can walk" nghĩa là gì?

Photo courtesy Hotlanta Voyeur.

'Try to run before one can walk' nghĩa là chưa học bò đã lo học chạy, chưa đủ lông đủ cánh đã đòi bay bổng.

Ví dụ
"Don’t try to run before you can walk," he says. "Ensure that every part of the manufacturing process is working as efficiently as possible before moving onto the next thing."

Start with just £5 a month to get into the savings habit and you’ll be on your way. Anthony says: “You needn’t try to run before you can walk. Cash savings are a good step towards longer- term savings.”

Know your shit: Be technically brilliant. Apply yourself to your craft and don’t be afraid to get ‘on the tools’. Invest your time in constantly learning. To quote McQueen, “I spent a long time learning how to construct clothes, which is important before you can deconstruct them.” Don’t try to run before you can walk.

You kind of have to take it slowly. Don’t try to run before you can walk. Learn all aspects of the business. Read books, go to shows. Sit in at settlements. Speak to tour managers. Shadow other agents. You gotta do the grunt work first. Don’t be too good to enter data and shows and itineraries. You pick up on things just by doing all that work yourself.

Phạm Hạnh

Hóa đơn đâu?

quản lý một cửa hàng đã bị sa thải vì giữ một phụ nữ và tra hỏi "giấu gì dưới váy" -> "một cặp song sinh" bà mẹ mang thai trả lời.

Sherell Bates tells WSOC-TV she was paying for back-to-school supplies (dụng cụ học tập ngày khai giảng) Friday when a police officer had her step aside and explain what was under her shirt. Bates says she responded that she’s 34 weeks pregnant (mang thai) with a boy and a girl, but he didn’t believe her. So she lifted up her shirt to expose (để lộ, hở) her belly (bụng).

Staples says the manager apologized (xin lỗi) and her purchases were refunded (hoàn tiền).

Says Bates: “No mom should have to go through that.”

Staples subsequently said in a statement Monday that the manager of the Pineville store “did not follow correct protocol” (không theo đúng quy trình (phép tắc xã giao)) and was fired (sa thải).

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