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Friday, September 14, 2018

"By my own fair hands" nghĩa là gì?

sách em tự dịch, không google translate... Photo courtesy ivan marianelli.

'By one's own fair hands' nghĩa là do tự tay mình làm (by oneself; without assistance).

Ví dụ
Spotted leaving Smooth radio station, the 37-year-old model donned pieces designed by her own fair hands as part of her Littlewoods collection.

Small, family-operated properties rate better than TripAdvisor than big hotels that offer the same level of comfort, amenities and service. If you are shown to your room by Madame Dubois who will also serve your brioche (bánh mỳ ngọt hình tròn) with orange marmalade (mứt cam) the next morning made by her own fair hands, you're far more likely to applaud (ca ngợi, hoan nghênh) longer, louder and in text than if it's a chain hotel.

Displaying her knowledge of the program’s presenters who are household names to many cricket fans in Britain, May brought the team behind the program a batch of home-made chocolate brownies which, she said, she made at home late on Thursday. “Made by my own fair hands,” she told the program during an interval in a match between England and West Indies, after saying she had followed a recipe by British chef Nigel Slater.

Phạm Hạnh

Chỉ số Waffle House nghĩa là gì?

Waffle House là chuỗi nhà hàng bán đồ ăn sáng ở Nam Mỹ, nổi tiếng về độ tin cậy, luôn nhanh chóng mở cửa kể cả ngay sau khi bão tố, lũ lụt xảy ra, dù chỉ phục vụ một vài món hạn chế,

chỉ số Waffle House do Craig Fugate - cựu Cục trưởng Cục Quản lý tình huống khẩn cấp liên bang Mỹ - nghĩ ra vào năm 2004: nếu nhà hàng đóng cửa, thì tai ương thật sự tồi tệ -> chỉ số màu đỏ; nếu mở cửa và phục vụ một vài món -> màu vàng; nếu hoạt động bình thường -> màu xanh = tai họa ko nặng nề lắm, cửa hàng, sạp tạp hóa, (chi nhánh) ngân hàng mở cửa trở lại -> nền kinh tế địa phương nhanh chóng phục hồi kinh doanh...

WAFFLE HOUSE, a breakfast chain from the American South, is better known for reliability than quality. All its restaurants stay open every hour of every day. After extreme weather, like floods, tornados and hurricanes, Waffle Houses are quick to reopen, even if they can only serve a limited menu. That makes them a remarkably reliable if informal barometer for weather damage.

...The index was invented by Craig Fugate, a former director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in 2004 after a spate of hurricanes battered America’s east coast. “If a Waffle House is closed because there’s a disaster, it’s bad. We call it red. If they’re open but have a limited menu, that’s yellow,” he explained to NPR, America’s public radio network. Fully functioning restaurants mean that the Waffle House Index is shining green. The company is leaning into its reputation. On September 11th the company tweeted that the Waffle House Storm Centre “had been activated” and was monitoring Florence.

New Orleans lost over half its population after Hurricane Katrina—and 40% of its jobs.

Swiss Re, an insurance firm, estimates that global disasters inflicted $306bn in economic losses last year—almost twice the losses seen in 2016.

Cách giúp bạn viết được một cuốn sách hay

có gì viết nấy, đừng dựng chuyện,

tác giả tiểu thuyết lãng mạn ‘How To Murder Your Husband’ đã bị bắt vì... tình nghi là thủ phạm giết chồng :D

Romance novelist Nancy Crampton-Brophy also wrote the books “The Wrong Husband” and “Girl Most Likely To.”

Police in Portland, Oregon arrested Nancy Crampton-Brophy, 68, last Wednesday and charged her with murder (giết, tàn sát; vụ án mạng, tội giết người; một việc rất gay go; cái gây tổn hại lớn hoặc sự khó chịu) and the unlawful (trái pháp luật, ngoài giá thú, phi pháp, bất chính) use of a weapon (vũ khí). Her husband, a 63-year-old chef, was fatally (chết người, chí tử) shot (bắn) in a kitchen (bếp) at the Oregon Culinary Institute on June 2.

...Crampton-Brophy has since made her now-famous essay “How To Murder Your Husband” private. It was published on the See Jane Publish blog and reportedly included sections on motives (cớ, lý do, động cơ) and possible weapons.

In 2012, Crampton-Brophy told the Romancing the Genres blog what attracted her to romantic suspense (tình trạng chờ đợi, tình trạng hồi hộp) stories. “Murder, mayhem (tội gây phế tật cho người khác) and gore (đổ máu, vũng máu) seem to come naturally to me which means my husband has learned to sleep with one eye open (ngủ với một mắt vẫn mở -> cảnh giác),”...

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