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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

"Last minute" nghĩa là gì?

Nephew chasing niece through the last few minutes of daylight - glorious sunset. Photo courtesy Phil Dolby.

'Last minute' nghĩa là giây phút cuối (trước một sự kiện hoặc một tai biến).

Ví dụ
Golden Knights offer last-minute tickets via text alerts.

Family makes last-minute plea to keep 9-year-old on ventilator.

Leroux: Evaluating the very high-stakes of last minute NBA contract extensions.

Jet2 announces last minute half term deals from Newcastle - including trip to Majorca for £349 per person.

Phạm Hạnh

Liệu bạn có đang tự đánh mất bạn bè?

nhất quyết ko viết nhận xét tốt cho cuốn sách tự xuất bản của bạn trên amazon (vì sách quá dở),
Dear Dan,

I have several friends who have self-published books on Amazon. After reading the books, I am usually aghast at the poor quality of the writing, and sometimes there is even a gross (thô bạo, trắng trợn, hiển nhiên, sờ sờ) twisting (bóp méo, xuyên tạc, cố ý làm sai nghĩa) of the truth in the retelling of a life experience that I have seen firsthand. Even so, I try to say something positive—without getting into too many details—but then my friends ask me to submit an online review, to go along with all the other five-star reviews they somehow managed to get. I care about my friends, but I also don't want to give a false recommendation. How would you handle this conflict?

Life is full of situations where we are asked to trade our integrity (chính trực, liêm chính) for other interests, such as sparing the feelings of a friend. But once we start giving up our integrity, it is a slippery slope: We are likely to do it more and more until at some point we stop feeling bad about it. What does this mean in your case? Writing a positive review of a book you don't like may seem like a one-time sacrifice of honesty for the sake of friendship. But given that your long-term integrity is also on the line, I would not give it up. Gently decline your friend's request for a review—but do keep on investing in your friendship.

Gợi ý mua quà sinh nhật cho con gái từ 1 đến 9 tuổi

muốn bạn bè thay vì tặng quà cho con thì hãy tặng tiền, làm sao để ko thô?

-> mở tài khoản học đại học cho con và nói mọi người gửi tiền vào đó, có thể kèm theo viết những lời khuyên (vào 1 quyển sổ) để đến khi con lớn, 18 tuổi, bước vào cổng trường đại học thì đọc,
Hi, Dan.

My son Joey is turning one year old, and we're throwing a birthday party for him. People usually give toys on such occasions, but I'd like to ask them to give him money instead. How can I do this without seeming rude?

It's always tricky to use a social occasion to ask people for money. To sweeten the pill, I would ask people to donate toward a specific goal. For example, what if you told your guests that you want to open a college savings account for Joey? You could ask them not just to give money but also to write down advice for him to read when he goes to college. Ask your guests to write their messages in a book that you can give to Joey when he turns 18.

“Bẫy” khách hàng, ngân hàng lập lờ lãi suất

ko như ở ukraine, 21%, nếu đi đủ 10.000 bước mỗi ngày
There is a bank in Ukraine that is offering *21%* interest on a checking account.

But you must take 10,000 steps a day, tracked by their app, to qualify.

Miss one day and you get nothing.

I can't decide if it's insanity or brilliance.

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