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Saturday, November 10, 2018

"In the box seat" nghĩa là gì?

Photo courtesy kowarski.

'In the box seat' = (thế kỷ 19) ở ghế sau xe ngựa -> nghĩa là ở vị trí/vị thế thuận lợi ('Barouche' is the name of a carriage with such a seat - "A four-wheeled carriage having a seat in front for the driver, and seats inside for two couples to sit facing each other". ( see also Vis-à-vis) The use of 'in the box-seat' to describe someone in a favourable situation began in the mid 19th century).

Ví dụ
Euro Garages owner (ông chủ) EG Group appears to be in the box seat to buy Woolworths' $1.8 billion petrol station operations.

Le Brocq is in the box seat to finish 2018 as the top rookie, currently 179 points clear of next-best Anton De Pasquale, despite a poor run in recent events.

Trucking magnate (ông trùm) Lindsay Fox’s family property group has swooped on a small South Melbourne office for $5.2 million in a deal that puts it in the box seat for future development.

At a time when financial markets were in complete disarray, and most international banks struggled to raise finance, Macquarie was in the box seat. It could raise money cheaply thanks to the Australian government's Triple-A guarantee, and it used these borrowings to buy tens of billions of high-quality assets – most of them senior secured loans – at rock-bottom prices.

Phạm Hạnh

Không vứt rác bừa bãi lấy đâu ra việc cho công nhân môi trường

cẩn thận đấy,

bà mẹ trẻ ấn độ vứt tã bẩn của con xuống đất, trúng dây điện cao thế -> bị điện giật chết luôn (quá thương tâm)

The woman tried to throw a soiled diaper (tã bẩn) in an open land. It was then when the 24-year-old suffered (trải qua, gánh chịu; dung thứ, chịu đựng) the fatal (chết người, gây tai họa, chí tử) electric shock (điện giật).

The incident occurred on Tuesday when Annu had come over her uncle's house. Annu, instead of disposing the dirty diaper properly using a diaper disposal (máy nghiền rác) or flushing it down the toilet, decided to toss (quăng, ném) it from the terrace (sân thượng, sân hiên) of the house.

In her attempt to throw the diaper, the nappy struck the overhead power cable (dây điện) and the vigour (sự mãnh liệt, tính chất mạnh mẽ, khí lực) of the shock was so immense (mênh mông, bao la, rộng lớn) that Annu's clothes immediately caught fire (bắt lửa).

She was soon rushed to a hospital but was referred to another hospital where she breathed her last. Annu's body has not been given to the family as an autopsy (khám nghiệm tử thi; phân tích tỉ mỉ, mổ xẻ) is yet to be conducted...

Xử lý tã giấy bẩn đúng cách

đừng để ở ngã tư trong gần một năm như trò đùa

William Friedman, 68, of Newfield, was spotted making his latest drop around 3:15 a.m. Sunday, police said. He was processed and issued multiple township ordinances (sắc lệnh, quy định).

Police could count on Friedman to be regular (bình thường, thông thường).

"He would do it at least three times a week at different intersections (chỗ giao nhau, chỗ cắt ngang)," said Lt. Matthew DeCesari of the Franklin Township Police Department. "He would do it a couple of months in one area and then move to a different intersection. We could never get a time down."

But officer Garrett Moretti thought he recently had detected somewhat of a pattern (khuôn mẫu), so he decided to patrol (tuần tra) the area around routes 47 and 40 early Sunday. That's when he saw the driver of a box truck drop a load of soiled diapers (tã bẩn) in the roadway.

Bài trước: Oái, đau quá

Oái, đau quá

sóc bị kẹt hai hòn dái ở hàng rào :D

David Prince was walking with his son on Monday when he found the rodent (loài gặm nhấm) clinging to a wooden barrier in peculiar (lạ kỳ, khác thường) fashion.

Looking closer, he was stunned (kinh ngạc, choáng váng, sững sờ) to see the squirrel (con sóc) had somehow managed to wedge (nêm, chèn, lèn) his crown jewels between two planks.

Moving to the other side of the fence (hàng rào), the squirrel can be seen frantically trying to free itself.

...After being taken aback by the strange scene, David tried to free the critter.

'I used a stick to pry his nuts up to the top of the fence,' he said. 'I broke one stick trying and we also tried to pry the fence apart. 'He ran off into the bushes (bụi cây, bụi rậm) and haven't seen him since.'

Bài trước: Eo, mùi gì kinh thế?

Eo, mùi gì kinh thế?

gạch làm từ nước tiểu

The bio-brick was produced by students from Cape Town, who collected urine from specially designed male urinals (bô, bình đái, chỗ đi tiểu) at the university’s engineering building and mixed it with sand and bacteria.

Bio-bricks are made in moulds (khuôn) at room temperature (nhiệt độ phòng), removing the need for high temperature kilns. Nitrogen and potassium, which are crucial for commercial fertilisers, are created as by-products during the process.

...Bio-bricks are created through a natural process called microbial carbonate precipitation, said Randall, similar to the way seashells are formed. Loose sand, which has been colonised with bacteria that produces urease, is mixed with the urine. Urease breaks down the urea in the urine, producing calcium carbonate, which cements the sand into shape.

While regular bricks are kiln-fired at temperatures of 1,400C and produce large amounts of carbon dioxide, the bio-bricks do not require heat.

Bài trước: Thân thật

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