Journey in Life: January 2019

Thursday, January 17, 2019

"Know no more about something than a frog knows about bed sheets" nghĩa là gì?

không qua khỏi miệng giếng. Photo by Ladd Greene on Unsplash.

'Know no more about than a frog knows about bed sheets' = chẳng biết gì, như con ếch chỉ biết quanh ga trải giường; 'ếch ngồi đáy giếng'.

Ví dụ
My knowledge of flash photography is similar to what a frog knows about bedsheets, so any pointers would be much appreciated.

Now Windy didn't know nothing more about fishing than a frog knows about bed sheets, and if he'd thought of fishing in the lake before then, didn't nobody know about it. But right soon after Abb Littleton dared him to fish in the lake, Windy was seen to be a-digging red worms.

To my embarrassment, Arica's nickname,“the city of eternal spring”, came as a total surprise. Wait, what? Desert, no rain and you call that spring?! The adjacent Azapa valley proved I knew no more about history than a frog knows about bed sheets. Sorry Egypt, the oldest mummies ever discovered are from here.

Phạm Hạnh

Gia An - 3 tuổi

Gia An - 2 tuổi
Hội sách Hà Nội tại Hoàng thành Thăng Long thu hút giới trẻ

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

"Finer than frog hair" nghĩa là gì?

quá khỏe... Photo by Dev Leigh on Unsplash.

'Finer than frog hair' nghĩa là tốt, khả quan, hay, giỏi.

Ví dụ
Also known for being finer than frog hair, a noticeably older Denzel was dressed in a tracksuit and a ball cap with a mustachioed face that made him ripe for social media jokes.

The scriptures say, “As a man thinketh so he is.” I picked up the habit some time ago of answering the greeting, “How are you doing?” by replying, “Finer than frog hair split three ways.”

He’s said that she’s “finer than frog’s hair” and “stacked like dirty laundry in a dorm room.” He’s offered to give her all his Fox money and to take her last name. While it might be a bit thirsty, it’s hilarious. Oh, and it seems to have worked: Sharpe was finally able to hang out with Murphy, meeting up with her at a Flywheel class.

Phạm Hạnh

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

"Torqued off" nghĩa là gì?

biểu tình bằng "chính sách mở cửa" :) Photo courtesy Bill Selak.

'Torqued off' nghĩa là trái ý, khó chịu, bực mình, tức tối, cáu tiết.

Ví dụ
Truckers (tài xế lái xe tải) torqued off by Rocky Mount's ridiculous (buồn cười, lố bịch, lố lăng) new parking rules thought they could find more hospitality (lòng mến khách/hiếu khách) and smaller government a few exits down Interstate 95. Not so fast, we regret to report.

“Why do we have to justify it?” Jesse asks about our dietary choices. “People getting torqued off about vegan options is really dumb. It’s not like we’re taking something away from them.” Live and let live. Wouldn’t that be nice for a change?

Around the turn of the last century a bunch of torqued off Midwestern housewives had it up to here with all the drinkin’ and started smashing up saloons (quán rượu) with a hatchet (cái rìu nhỏ), under the justification that liquor caused violence, infidelity (sự không trung thành, bội tín, không chung thủy) and laziness (lười biếng), and was a great destroyer of the family.

It turns out that Congressman Murphy is torqued off that his favorite, Michael Weiner, a forensic psychiatrist, did not get the position. Even more upsetting to Murphy is his perception that while McCance-Katz was at SAMHSA, she did not speak out forcefully enough to make the changes she now says she wants to make.

Phạm Hạnh

Monday, January 14, 2019

"Boiling frog syndrome" nghĩa là gì?

nóng dần mà ko biết. Photo by Martino Pietropoli on Unsplash.

'Boiling frog syndrome' nghĩa là hội chứng ếch luộc: (con ếch sẽ từ từ chết khi bị luộc trong nồi khi ta tăng nhiệt độ một cách từ từ mà không đột ngột để nó không phản ứng nhảy ra khỏi nồi nước sôi mặc dù không hề có nắp đậy hoặc trở ngại) -> không chấp nhận/thừa nhận hoặc hành động để cải thiện tình huống/tình hình mà sẽ chỉ ngày càng tồi tệ thêm.

Ví dụ
He said Heartwood is wary of "boiling frog syndrome" in its analysis of recessionary warning signs, "as it rather resembles a frog in water that is slowly being heated up; it is not a problem until a certain point after which the hot water is bad news".

Juckes added that as long as asset prices (giá tài sản) continue to feel no threat, yields (lợi tức) will continue to rise on the back of decent data (dữ liệu tốt) and expectations (kỳ vọng) of higher inflation (lạm phát cao hơn). But he warned that the "boiling frog" syndrome was likely to become the bond investor theme of the year.

“Over-collaboration is not intentional but a ‘boiling frog syndrome’. Conversely (ngược lại), employees working beyond walls often state a fear of missing out (FOMO),” explained Sam Sahni. “Firms where this is happening need to re-assess (đánh giá lại) employee feedback  (phản hồi từ nhân viên) on their ability to focus (khả năng tập trung), the cause of distractions (xao lãng) and other factors that will diminish (giảm bớt, hạ bớt, thu nhỏ) future productivity (năng suất).”

The Cisco UK CEO admits to being on the bleeding edge when it comes to IoT technology with 100 IP devices already in his house, but he didn’t plan for this – it just happened. That’s what he thinks will happen more generally and it’s what he means about the frog being boiled, “you can say people are blinded by it, I just think it’s an inevitability of the way we are traveling.”

Phạm Hạnh

Sunday, January 13, 2019

"Take no notice of " nghĩa là gì?

nói 'ko để ý đến tỷ lệ ủng hộ' là nói dối đấy. Photo by Arnaud Jaegers on Unsplash.

'Take no notice of (something or someone)' nghĩa là không chú ý đến ai/điều gì, bỏ qua, phớt lờ, không để ý, không đếm xỉa đến, bất chấp.

Ví dụ
Fergal Keane: 'Take no notice of the patronising asides - we have moved on'.

A Blackpool heroin user has been warned he faces a jail term if he continues to take no notice of court orders.

And just as you would never believe a politician who says they take no notice of the polls, any top tier television personality who says they are unaware of their "numbers" is lying through their immaculately whitened teeth.

Here is a breakdown of five marketing myths that, if overheard in the office, you should take no notice of: “Good products don’t need publicity”, “I only need PR when I’m in trouble”, “Big placement sites no longer link and therefore there is no value to them”, “Only certain types of businesses can benefit from content marketing”, “You can’t truly be creative when working with a brand”.

Phạm Hạnh

"A (real) frog-choker" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Rémi Müller on Unsplash.

'A (real) frog-choker' nghĩa là mưa nặng hạt, mưa như trút nước.

Ví dụ
His church (nhà thờ) performs a mass baptism (lễ rửa tội), once in the spring and again in the fall. Prayers go out for good weather, but Sept. 18 brought a “real frog-choker,” as Mangum described the heavy rains.

The month had been ridiculously (buồn cười, lố bịch, lố lăng) wet. A real frog-choker, as they say around the Oso fire hall. By March 22, the sky already had dumped 17 inches on Circle B Ranch where Willy Harper works keeping things running.

How to Hunt The Rut When It's Rainy: Degree is important here. Bucks adore a light mist or drizzle, which reduces ambient (bao quanh, ở xung quanh) light, allows quiet walking, and makes them feel safe. Hunt your usual stands, and don't be afraid to sit near open cover that a normally light-shy buck would shun. If it's a real toad choker, stay home.

Today it rained so hard it would have choked a frog. Not a nice day to work in. Concrete work was out of the question. The crew arrived shivering (run bần bật) and damp (ẩm ướt) just from the walk from their cars to the site. I felt much the same. But the deadline is pressing and there is a great deal left to be done so it was a day to throw up some tarps and do work under the eaves as much as possible.

Phạm Hạnh

Saturday, January 12, 2019

"Too clever by half" nghĩa là gì?

hiểu gì không? Photo by Charles Deluvio 🇵🇭🇨🇦 on Unsplash.

'Be too clever by half' nghĩa là quá tự tin vào trí tuệ/trí thông minh của mình tới mức khiến người khác khó chịu, luôn cho rằng mình hơn người; 'tự cao tự đại'.

Ví dụ
The political manoeuvre (thao túng chính trị), too clever by half, pretends there was a good-faith exercise to introduce competition, then sanctions another layer of a monopoly to stifle it.

In spite of its too-clever-by-half title and under the guise of a raunchy (dâm ô, dâm dục) premise (giả thuyết), Netflix’s Sex Education — the tale of a dorky (ngu ngốc, vô tích sự) teenage boy named Otis Milburn and his sex-positive, overenthusiastic sex therapist mom — has executed a thoughtful and charming debut (ra mắt lần đầu tiên) season. A lot of that is due to star Gillian Anderson’s bombastic (khoa trương) performance as the aforementioned unapologetically sex-positive mom.

The Ottoman empire began in the late thirteenth century when the Osmanlis, a Turkish clan or tribe, somehow penetrated into northwest Anatolia, far from the plains and pastures of their ancestral home, very close to the center of Byzantine (Greek) power. This warrior people was swift to move and keen for loot—very dangerous. The Greeks should have known it and seen them as potential, inevitable enemies. Instead, these pseudo-Hellenes, too clever by half, thought they could turn the Ottomans into tools and allies.

Phạm Hạnh

Trông người mà ngẫm đến ta

Charter Communications - công ty mạng ở mỹ bị phạt 62,5 triệu usd vì cung cấp internet chậm, sai lời hứa với khách hàng

...New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood alleged that Charter, using its brand names of Time Warner Cable and later Spectrum, failed to provide the speedy internet service it promised customers. As a result of the settlement, over 700,000 active subscribers (người thuê bao) in New York will be paid $75 to $150 each for a total of $62.5 million in direct refunds (hoàn tiền, bồi thường). Additionally, 2.2 million active internet subscribers will receive free streaming services (dịch vụ phát video qua mạng miễn phí) and premium (cao cấp) channels from Charter valued at $100 million, according to Underwood's office.

"This settlement should serve as a wakeup call (lời thức tỉnh) to any company serving New York consumers: fulfill your promises, or pay the price," Underwood said in a statement. "Not only is this the largest-ever consumer payout by an internet service provider, returning tens of millions of dollars to New Yorkers who were ripped off and providing additional streaming and premium channels as restitution — but it also sets a new standard (đặt ra chuẩn mới) for how internet providers should fairly market their services."

Friday, January 11, 2019

"Be thrilled to death" nghĩa là gì?

Photo courtesy

'Be thrilled to death' nghĩa là rất vui, rất hào hứng/phấn chấn/phấn khích; sướng mê ly/mê tơi, sướng ngất ngây, sướng vô ngần.

Ví dụ
If I could find somebody that had my dad's dog tags and wanted to give them back, I'd be just thrilled to death.

I'm thrilled to death to have Scot back and we have had such a strong relationship going back through the years at Temple and Florida.

"I am thrilled to death that Daris and the ladies have started this business. I can see that bee culture will continue in our area and it will spread out.

King and Brandon have been in this program at Tascosa their entire high school career; we’ve watched them grow, and watched them develop, and we’re thrilled to death that they’re getting the opportunity to continue their career.

Phạm Hạnh

Thursday, January 10, 2019

"Until all hours (of the day and night)" nghĩa là gì?

ngủ sớm đi, điện thoại tối ngày... Photo courtesy pixabay.

'Until all hours (of the day and night)' nghĩa là rất muộn, đêm khuya hoặc sáng sớm.

Ví dụ
We were introduced at an event by a colleague who then had to leave, and we stayed out until all hours drinking wine and talking.

Whether you've just launched your start-up or your boss expects you to be chained to your desk until all hours, work pressure can easily be a fast-track to biscuit jar and vending machine raiding.

Teens, in particular, tend to stay up until all hours of the night on weekends and then sleep until noon. There is actually a physiologic reason for this, but it can throw off their weekday wake ups.

My husband and I were up until all hours on Christmas Eve trying to work out the calorie count in every stuffing ball, it worked but sobbing over calculating the calories is something I'll always remember.

Phạm Hạnh

Đường tình đôi ngả

thôi em hãy đi về, vĩnh biệt kể từ đây,

jeff, người giàu nhất thế giới, sẵn sàng "rũ bỏ" 68 tỷ usd khỏi tài sản của mình để khỏi phải rửa bát...

...Bezos, worth an estimated $136.2 billion, is the richest person in the world. It is not yet clear how the divorce (ly dị) will impact (tác động, ảnh hưởng) his net worth (giá trị tài sản ròng), or whether it will affect (ảnh hưởng) his stake (cổ phần nắm giữ) in Amazon, the e-commerce giant (người khổng lồ thương mại điện tử) he founded (sáng lập, thành lập) in 1994. Bezos, 54, owns roughly 16% of the business, which comprises more than 95% of his fortune. He also owns the Washington Post and rocket (tên lửa) company Blue Origin.

The couple lives primarily in Washington State, which requires divorcing spouses to equitably divide (chia đều) "community property," (tài sản chung) including all income generated during a marriage (thu nhập hình thành sau hôn nhân). "It seems very likely, if not 100% a certainty, that whatever Jeff Bezos has earned at Amazon has been community income," says David Starks, a partner at the Seattle-based law firm McKinley Irvin. He added, however, that through a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement (thỏa thuận tiền hôn nhân/hậu hôn nhân), "You can elect to have your assets treated differently, and that's not uncommon."

Moreover, "Awarding a spouse their share of a community asset doesn’t necessarily mean actually transferring the asset to them". In other words, instead of selling or transferring Amazon shares, Jeff Bezos could offer monetary compensation equivalent to the shares' fair market value.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

"Be tied (up) in knots" nghĩa là gì?

Photo courtesy pixabay.

'Be tied (up) in knots' nghĩa là bối rối, lúng túng, lo lắng...

Ví dụ
SOKRATIS was not happy at being tied in knots by Liverpool star Mo Salah — sparking a tunnel bust-up during Arsenal's 5-1 defeat at Anfield.

Boehner and Ryan let themselves be tied in knots by the “Hastert rule” — named after a former GOP speaker — under which they pledged not to bring legislation (dự luật) to the floor unless it had the support of a majority (đa số) of the majority caucus (họp kín). Pelosi knows the speaker’s proper role is not to blindly (mù quáng) obey consensus, but to actively (chủ động) shape (định hình, hình thành) it.

Cook spoke out the loudest among his CEO colleagues about the need for the tech industry to take a stand against white supremacy (thượng tôn da trắng). “At Apple, we believe technology needs to have a clear point of view. This is no time to get tied up in knots. We only have one message for those who seek to push hate (hận thù), division (chia rẽ), or violence (bạo lực): You have no place on our platforms. You have no home here".

Phạm Hạnh

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

"Throw (some) shapes" nghĩa là gì?

Theseus Slaying Minotaur, by Barye. Photo courtesy: wikipedia.

'Throw (some) shapes' nghĩa là nhảy (theo nhạc điện tử, nhạc được nhiều người ưa thích, để thu hút sự chú ý); nghĩa khác là, dọa/đe dọa ai đó (xuống tấn karate, chém bàn tay v.v...), 'diễu võ giương oai'.

Ví dụ
Prince William and Kate throw shapes with medics in Coventry.

Theresa May decided to throw some shapes while visiting some schoolchildren in Cape Town during a trip about post-Brexit trade and it was EVERYTHING.

Whether you’re a professionally trained mover, or someone who likes to throw shapes on the dancefloor on a Saturday night, producers want to hear from you.

Planned events include the queasy mass games mobilizing some 100,000 people who hop around and throw shapes in unison in conditions that have been widely criticized as human rights abuses.

Phạm Hạnh

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Kichi kichi - 12, Láng Hạ

nghĩa tân: 1990 - 2019, gần 3 thập kỷ quen biết và chơi nhau, ah nhầm, chơi với nhau,

toán 1 ams: 1994-2019, 25 năm, 1/4 thế kỷ chúng ta "bước vào đời nhau",

30/11 năm Mậu Tuất, 05/1/2019

Bài trước: Giao hữu bóng đá Ams-Trần Hưng Đạo

Siêu thị Aeon Mall Long Biên đầu năm mới 2017
Hanoi International Heritage Marathon 2018
Nhà Hàng Ozzie's Bistro - 5 Đoàn Thị Điểm

Friday, January 4, 2019

"Thanks for nothing" nghĩa là gì?

cảm ơn mẹ, đến năm 22 tuổi con mới biết đi ị đúng cách... :D Photo credit: usatoday.

'Thanks for nothing' là lời cảm thán thể hiện sự phiền muộn, khó chịu, trái ý, bực mình, cáu tiết, giận điên, thất vọng.

Ví dụ
We didn’t learn how to go potty until the age of 22, (thanks for nothing, Mom), so this is perfect for us! But in all seriousness, don’t let the word “potty” turn you away. One of our reviewers got one and swears she’ll never go back.

Realizing that Judge Sullivan was considering a term of up to six months in prison, Mr. Flynn accepted his offer to delay the sentencing for 90 days until he has completed his cooperation with the special counsel. “Good luck today in court to General Michael Flynn,” Mr. Trump had tweeted first thing Tuesday morning. “Thanks for nothing, Mr. President,” Mr. Flynn might have thought as he left court. Mr. Flynn should be grateful the judge offered him the chance to come clean. By contrast, the Donald J. Trump Foundation, a charity that provided no charity, quite properly received none from the New York attorney general’s office.

Phạm Hạnh

Không nên vận động mạnh

cảnh báo: durex thu hồi lố bao cao su vì dễ bục rách "trong quá trình sử dụng" :D

The brand's parent company, RB Health (Canada) Inc., said certain batches of the Durex Real Feel Extra Lubricated 10ct condoms and Durex Real Feel 20 ct condoms didn't pass a "stringent" durability test.

Health Canada issued its own alert, saying the latter batch, specifically, is "not expected to meet the registered burst pressure specification at end of shelf-life."

Batch numbers are visible on the bottom of the box and on the foil wrapping of each condom.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

"Eat my shorts" nghĩa là gì?

ăn thôi... Photo courtesy Gareth Williams.

'Eat my shorts' = 'ăn cái quần tao ý' là câu cảm thán thể hiện sự tức giận hoặc chán nản đối với ai đó (nhân vật Bart Simpson 10 tuổi hay nói cụm từ này trong phim The Simpsons); 'chẳng ra cái quần què gì', 'như cái giẻ rách' (?)

Ví dụ
Garage doors, building walls and Muni bus stops alike featured the spray-painted face of the cartoon character who, in the 1990s, coined the catch phrases “don’t have a cow, man” and “eat my shorts.”

Let’s sidestep the Rocket Z’s cheesy moniker because, clearly, the Technoimpulse marketing department is still digging the 90s-era love of buzzwords like “cyber,” “techno,” and “eat my shorts!” Regardless, this is one seriously capable off-road machine.

While this is just a fun tribute, I'm not sure how much Wonder Woman 1984 will have in common with The Breakfast Club plot-wise. Although I suspect being bad will feel pretty good for the villains, and maybe somebody will say "Eat my shorts." However, it does look like the movie will be fully embracing its eighties-ness.

Phạm Hạnh

Tôi tự học

Photo courtesy mark sebastian.

Education: the path from cocky ignorance to miserable uncertainty.
~ Mark Twain

Giáo dục: con đường đi từ sự ngu dốt ngạo mạn đến cảm giác hoang mang đầy khốn khổ.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

"This, that, and the other" nghĩa là gì?

this, this and this... :) Photo courtesy Adam Raoof.

'This, that, and the other' nghĩa là sự pha tạp/hỗn hợp; nhiều thứ khác nhau.

Ví dụ
You can just go and see a doctor when you need to see a doctor, without having to worry about paying for this, that and the other.

I've always liked the idea of drums, guitar, this, that, and the other. My mum's brother used to play guitar in a country-western band, so I've always been around instruments and music.

"It was just a mindset that you had to change," McGlinchey said. "I remember the first couple weeks of the season, especially the first two away games we were in Minnesota and then Arrowhead, and I was stressing about the damn crowd noise and then 'There's Justin Houston, there's Danniele Hunter, there's this, that and the other thing,' and all it did was cripple me as a player."

Nicky Morgan, a Conservative MP that had intended to vote for the deal despite it being "imperfect," told CNBC Tuesday that "the more time we spend arguing over this, that and the other, the less time there is to put a deal in front of parliament that gets approved, so the closer we are to sliding out of the EU with no deal."

Phạm Hạnh

Thợ sửa ống nước tận tâm

nhớ câu chuyện 3 năm trước, và khi sửa đường ống đã lấy lại được chiếc nhẫn cưới của một phụ nữ - người làm rơi nó cách đây gần một thập kỷ khi đang dọn phòng tắm,

Stanton was sure the diamond-encrusted gold ring (nhẫn vàng nạm kim cương) was lost forever after she noticed it wasn’t on her finger while she was cleaning her bathroom nearly a decade ago.

Luckily, a member of Somers Point’s public works department remembered Stanton mentioning the ring about three years ago.

Last month, Ted Gogol was doing maintenance work near a manhole (miệng cống, nắp cống) about 400 feet from Stanton’s house. He tells the Press of Atlantic City he saw a shiny (sáng chói, bóng) object sitting the mud. It turned out to be Stanton’s ring, and after boiling it in peroxide (dung dịch oxi già; chất nhuộm tóc) and lemon juice (nước chanh), she is wearing it again.

Nào ai có ngờ

phạt các bệnh viện để diễn ra tỷ lệ cao tái nhập viện trong vòng 30 ngày đ/v các bệnh viêm phổi, trụy tim...

ban đầu có vẻ tốt, tỷ lệ giảm, medicare tiết kiệm được số tiền ước khoảng 10 tỷ usd,

nhìn kỹ ra có 3 xu hướng gây lo lắng:
- bệnh nhân quay lại bệnh viện được đưa vào phòng cấp cứu ngay -> có thể bệnh viện giảm tỷ lệ 'tái nhập viện' nên tước đi của bệnh nhân lợi ích được nằm nội trú,
- bệnh viện "nghèo" bị thiệt hại về tài chính, do chủ yếu chăm sóc các bệnh nhân thu nhập thấp, vốn là những người có nguy cơ cao tái khám; bị phạt tiền -> càng thiếu tiền -> càng không chăm sóc bệnh nhân được tốt,
- tỷ lệ tái nhập viện giảm, nhưng có vẻ tỷ lệ tử vong tăng,
In 2010, the federal agency that oversees Medicare, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, established the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program under the Affordable Care Act. Two years later, the program began imposing financial penalties on hospitals with high rates of readmission (tái nhập viện) within 30 days of a hospitalization (nhập viện, thời kỳ nằm bệnh viện) for pneumonia (viêm phổi), heart attack or heart failure, a chronic condition in which the heart has difficulty pumping blood to the body.

At first, the reduction program seemed like the win-win that policymakers had hoped for. Readmission rates declined nationwide for target conditions. Medicare saved an estimated $10 billion because of the reduction in hospital admissions. Based on those results, many policymakers have called for expanding the program.

But a deeper look at the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program reveals a few troubling trends. First, since the policy has been in place, patients returning to a hospital are more likely to be cared for in emergency rooms and observation units. This has raised concern that some hospitals may be avoiding readmissions, even for patients who would benefit most from inpatient (người sống trong bệnh viện trong thời gian điều trị, bệnh nhân nội trú) care.

Second, safety-net hospitals with limited resources have been disproportionately punished by the program because they tend to care for more low-income patients who are at much higher risk of readmission. Financially penalizing these resource-poor hospitals may impede (làm trở ngại, ngăn cản, cản trở) their ability to deliver good care.

Finally, and most concerning, there is growing evidence that while readmission rates are falling, death rates may be rising.

In a new study of approximately eight million Medicare patients hospitalized between 2005 and 2015 that we conducted with other colleagues, we found that the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program was associated with an increase in deaths within 30 days of discharge among patients hospitalized for heart failure or pneumonia, though not for a heart attack.

Ngày đó sẽ không xa xôi

toilet công nghệ cao theo dõi tất cả các lần "giải quyết nỗi buồn" để chẩn đoán bệnh

The bathroom is arguably the last bastion (thành trì, pháo đài, đồn lũy/thành lũy) of privacy (riêng tư, bí mật), but soon a new high-tech lavatory could be tracking your every movement (sự bài tiết làm cho ruột trống rỗng, đi ngoài, đi ỉa).

Researchers at the European Space Agency (ESA) and MIT have teamed up with sanitation (vệ sinh) specialists to create the ‘FitLoo’ which screens human waste for early signs of disease.

Data gathered by the sensors in the toilet bowl could be beamed to the users mobile phone so they can see how their health is changing or even directly to the GP so they could keep a remote eye on patients.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

"Get your thinking cap on" nghĩa là gì?

Photo courtesy Ryan Hyde.

'Get (one's) thinking cap on' nghĩa là bắt đầu suy nghĩ, cân nhắc rất cẩn thận, thấu đáo về điều gì/vấn đề gì, để giải quyết vấn đề đó; đội chiếc mũ tư duy vào.

Ví dụ
Get your thinking caps on and pick up a $500 Rotary grant.

Get your thinking caps on as I am looking forward to what creative ideas you all will have for next year!

I want to give an early shout out to anyone who has a really burning desire to ask Wayne a question, this is your chance! So get your thinking caps on because we really want to delve into parts of his career that either have been talked about less for some reason, or a question you’ve never heard him answer.

Nominations are now open for the 2019 Thame Town Awards, so it’s time to get your thinking caps on. Who do you know who lives, works or studies in Thame and achieved something great in 2018? Or maybe you know an unsung hero who commits a lot of their time to volunteering or helping a worthy cause?

Phạm Hạnh