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Monday, January 14, 2019

"Boiling frog syndrome" nghĩa là gì?

nóng dần mà ko biết. Photo by Martino Pietropoli on Unsplash.

'Boiling frog syndrome' nghĩa là hội chứng ếch luộc: (con ếch sẽ từ từ chết khi bị luộc trong nồi khi ta tăng nhiệt độ một cách từ từ mà không đột ngột để nó không phản ứng nhảy ra khỏi nồi nước sôi mặc dù không hề có nắp đậy hoặc trở ngại) -> không chấp nhận/thừa nhận hoặc hành động để cải thiện tình huống/tình hình mà sẽ chỉ ngày càng tồi tệ thêm.

Ví dụ
He said Heartwood is wary of "boiling frog syndrome" in its analysis of recessionary warning signs, "as it rather resembles a frog in water that is slowly being heated up; it is not a problem until a certain point after which the hot water is bad news".

Juckes added that as long as asset prices (giá tài sản) continue to feel no threat, yields (lợi tức) will continue to rise on the back of decent data (dữ liệu tốt) and expectations (kỳ vọng) of higher inflation (lạm phát cao hơn). But he warned that the "boiling frog" syndrome was likely to become the bond investor theme of the year.

“Over-collaboration is not intentional but a ‘boiling frog syndrome’. Conversely (ngược lại), employees working beyond walls often state a fear of missing out (FOMO),” explained Sam Sahni. “Firms where this is happening need to re-assess (đánh giá lại) employee feedback  (phản hồi từ nhân viên) on their ability to focus (khả năng tập trung), the cause of distractions (xao lãng) and other factors that will diminish (giảm bớt, hạ bớt, thu nhỏ) future productivity (năng suất).”

The Cisco UK CEO admits to being on the bleeding edge when it comes to IoT technology with 100 IP devices already in his house, but he didn’t plan for this – it just happened. That’s what he thinks will happen more generally and it’s what he means about the frog being boiled, “you can say people are blinded by it, I just think it’s an inevitability of the way we are traveling.”

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