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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

"With no frills" nghĩa là gì?

buổi hẹn valentine nhẹ nhàng, Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash.

'With no frills' nghĩa là không có sự thêm thắt, trang điểm/tô son điểm phấn/lòe loẹt nào, đơn giản.

Ví dụ
From private cabanas (cái nhà nhỏ; phòng thay đồ (bên bờ biển, bể bơi)) to dinners for two with your toes in the sand, to a quick meal with no frills, we’ve got you covered come February 14…

Dealermart is without a doubt our version of eBay. Everyone has a price they are willing to pay and Dealermart gives them an opportunity to buy a machine inexpensively, with no frills or warranties.

Maiden Voyage will run throughout the day at Three Mills Island, focused on "jazz, hip-hop, Afrobeat and funk," according to the press release. There will be just one stage, "with no frills, all condensed into one small, easy-to-navigate space," the text adds.

There are many ways to draw the eye of potential clients. One such way is through website design. Not only does your website contain information about your brand, but at first glance, it can tell an audience a lot about your company. Is your company straight to the point with no frills? Is your company’s process streamlined and easy to navigate? Is your brand's aesthetic appealing?

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