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Sunday, February 17, 2019

"In your hour of need" nghĩa là gì?

bỏ rơi... Photo by Blake Cheek on Unsplash.

'In one's hour of need' nghĩa là trong thời điểm/thời khắc khó khăn/cần sự giúp đỡ nhất.

Ví dụ
I hope these words find you well and I hope they soothe you in your hour of need.

For months you've been tolerating your partner's friends, dietary needs and taste in music – but in your hour of need they abandon you?

The whole point of insurance is that it's there to protect you financially in your hour of need. But if you've been paying for inadequate insurance, or been mis-sold a policy, then it's actually costing you financially.

To send an emergency alert, you simply need to double tap the Emergency button and your message is sent instantly. Simultaneously, the distress signal will pop up at Safeguard alerting them of your need for help, who will then attend to you in your hour of need.

Phạm Hạnh

Có nên lấy tiền mừng tuổi của con?


bị con kiện ra tòa, và phải trả cả gốc lẫn lãi đấy...

It is a Lunar New Year tradition in China to give children money in red packets, known as hongbao. But when the unnamed child’s father, surnamed Su, withdrew the saved funds from the bank – with interest – his son took him to court.

The case was heard in the Baiyun (Bạch Vân) District Court in Guangdong (Quảng Đông) province, southern China, which recently ordered Su to return the money to his son.

...Su had deposited 3,000 yuan (US$440) into the child’s bank account between February 2014 and March 2015. The money had been given to the boy in red packets. In March 2016, Su withdrew the entire amount, together with interest of 45 yuan, without his son’s permission.

...During the case, Su accused (buộc tội) the boy’s mother of abusing (lạm dụng) the child’s ignorance (không biết/thiếu hiểu biết) and misleading (lừa dối, lừa gạt, phỉnh lừa) him into suing. Su claimed the money was given to the child by his friends and relatives who were unrelated to the mother. He also said he had promised his son to return the money, together with the interest, when he grew up.

Quy Nhơn FM plan_long run, week 1

by Long Phan,

Cũng đú 10km.

Thanks anh Sơn Phạm đã cho em vào NRC để cạnh tranh vị trí bét bảng với anh Lê Quang Hải, và ngồi ngắm lưng anh Quang Anh Pham. 😀

by Son Pham,

điểm xuất phát, bia hơi cường hói

đã lên kế hoạch từ hôm trước rồi, mưa cũng chiến...

real improvement, training but the pace is better than the 1st HM in #mdnim...

điểm kết thúc, phở vũ :)

Hanoi International Heritage Marathon 2018
Đền Sượt

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