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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Cách đối phó với đồng nghiệp tồi

đùn việc à, cho mấy xiên luôn

Luis Arias, 43, who works for a cleaning company (công ty vệ sinh) for the Palm Beach Outlets mall (siêu thị, trung tâm mua sắm), was upset  (bực bội) with a colleague (đồng nghiệp) who did not complete his duties (không làm phần việc của mình, leaving them for Arias.

Investigators (điều tra viên) said Arias retrieved a machete (dao rựa, dao phát) from his locker and stabbed the other employee several times with it around 7:45 p.m.

The victim was treated and released Sunday morning from a hospital.

Arias was arrested and charged with aggravated battery (hành hung, bạo hành, đánh đập) with a deadly weapon (vũ khí chết người), according to jail records. He is being held on $50,000 bond.

Mèo ú "bất hủ" ở Istanbul

được tạc tượng...

It seems only right that on a day like October 4th—World Animal Day—the people of Istanbul unveil a new bronze statue (tượng đồng) of their beloved (được yêu quý) local cat celebrity who has become a global star (ngôi sao toàn cầu). His name was Tombili and he became an Internet sensation quickly after photos of him looking effortlessly (một cách dễ dàng, không tốn sức lực) laid-back were shared on the viral site 9GAG. Only missing a top hat, Tombili was the kind of dapper street cat that epitomizes (là hình ảnh thu nhỏ của, là mẫu điển hình của) being cool.

Although Tombili didn’t seem to have a dedicated (chuyên dụng, được thiết kế cho một ý đồ riêng biệt duy nhất) home, his portly (bệ vệ, béo tốt, đẫy đà) build suggests that his neighborhood took good care of him. He practically became their town mascot (vật lấy phước), reminding passersby (người qua đường) to take it easy and find time to relax. Unfortunately, the fluffy (mịn như lông tơ, phủ lông tơ) feline (thành viên họ nhà mèo) fell ill recently and passed away on August 1 of this year. Heartbroken, his local fans knew they had to do something to keep his memory alive...

"Blow the coop" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by sohel yousuf on Unsplash.

'Blow the coop' có từ coop là chuồng gà, cái lớ, nghĩa lóng là nhà tù, trại giam -> cụm từ này nghĩa là rời bỏ, trốn thoát.

Ví dụ
Here, we meet Charlie Mills (Nick Robinson) as he celebrates his 18th birthday in a suffocatingly religious Utah drying-out facility, only to blow the coop that night, smashing a stained-glass window and stealing Oxycontin from a friendly truck driver in the process.

With the sound of Rohlfing's voice, a few quiet quacks coalesced into a low chorus, then rose quickly to a cacophony of duck calls that soon threatened to blow the coop apart. When Rohlfing finally unlatched the door, flung it open and shouted, "Come on girls," ducks burst out of the coop like a fire hose spewing feathers.

El Chapo recently blew the coop at his max security prison facility and escaped through a mile long elaborately dug tunnel which would have taken years of prison infiltration, was fully ventilated, well-lit, and contained a motorcycle track (because walking out is for peasants).

Phạm Hạnh

"Set your face against" nghĩa là gì?

khó hiểu... Photo by Nate Greno on Unsplash.
'Set your face against' nghĩa là phản đối một cách mạnh mẽ, không tán thành chuyện gì.

Ví dụ
Have you ever set your face against a book? This year sees Charlotte Brontë’s bicentenary (dịp kỉ niệm hai trăm năm một lần) and the novelist Tracy Chevalier has edited a short-story anthology (hợp tuyển) each based on the climactic line (theo phép tiến dần) of Jane Eyre— ‘Reader, I married him.’ Everyone knows it. I agreed like a shot because the brief fitted something I had been mulling (ngẫm nghĩ) for a while, and yesterday the handsome finished volume arrived. In the notes about contributors (người đóng góp), it says: ‘Susan Hill has never read Jane Eyre.’

If you have set your face against traditional MPV-style seven-seaters, such as the 5008's sister car, the Citroen C4 Grand Picasso, the Ford S-Max, Seat Alhambara and Renault Grand Scenic, then there are other SUV three-rowers competing for your family cash.

Mr Osborne said: “If (Labour) had another leader they would be crushing the Conservatives. It’s only because people have reservations (dè dặt) about Jeremy Corbyn that we’re (the Conservative Party) still in with a chance.” He also criticised (chỉ trích) the Conservatives’ “audacious (gan, táo bạo, trơ tráo) play” in last year’s general election for “constituencies we had never held before” at the expense of traditional urban seats, such as Kensington and Oxford. He said: “If you set your face against metropolitan England, don’t be surprised when metropolitan (nước mẹ, mẫu quốc) England has reservations about you.”

Bích Nhàn

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