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Thursday, March 21, 2019

21Day Challenge Mar 2019

challenge accepted :)

Bài trước: Thử thách đi bộ

"Dog my cats" nghĩa là gì?

Ê, Đi chơi không? Photo by Alexis Chloe on Unsplash.
'Dog my cats' là một câu cảm thán thể hiện sự ngạc nhiên hoặc hoài nghi (Chúa ơi! Trời ơi! Thật á?...)

Ví dụ
“Well dog my cats, what are the chances (cơ may)?”

Dog my cats! What an astounding (kinh ngạc) collection of rubbish that must be in the mailbag!

By the same token (cùng lý do đó), some of us will remember this year's competition (giải đấu, trận/cuộc đua tranh) for results that are . . . interesting. Our first-ever Headphone Product of the Year is not a pair of headphones. Our Accessory of the Year is something so intangible (vô hình) it lives in a cloud (đám mây). And our Overall Product of the Year won by an Electoral College–style fluke. Well, dog my cats.

His three-story east Cobb townhouse is jammed (nêm chặt, nhét chặt) from floor to ceiling with thousands of Civil War (nội chiến) books, so historian and author Stephen Davis has to scamper (lướt qua) up a sliding wooden library ladder to reach a volume at the top. “Dog my cats,” says the 68-year-old author of three books about the Atlanta campaign during the War Between the States. “Here it is.”

Bích Nhàn

"Blow up her phone" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash.

'Blow up one's phone' = thổi bay điện thoại, nổ tung điện thoại -> nghĩa là gọi và/hoặc nhắn tin ai liên tục.

Ví dụ
The only thing he's done is blow up her phone to no avail (vô vọng) and show up uninvited to a boat day with friends.

Brenneke recalled how Clay would blow up her phone the whole weekend threatening her and manipulating her.

Following the attack, Kvitova's fellow WTA players -- who voted her winner of the circuit's sportsmanship award for grace on and off the court six out of the past seven years -- fill Twitter with paeans and blow up her phone with supportive messages.

Tiwa Savage went on to reveal that the organizers (ban tổ chức) switched off their phones now that the event was done. According to Tiwa Savage these same organizers used to blow up her phone begging her to show up and now they disappeared (biến mất tăm/mất dạng) leaving her with a hotel bill (hóa đơn khách sạn) to Carter for.

Phạm Hạnh

Cách để trò chuyện vui vẻ, thú vị qua tin nhắn

cứ 'chat sex' là dễ không à :)

ca sĩ, diễn viên, sao hàn Seungri nằm trong đường dây buôn bán ma túy, môi giới mại dâm xuyên quốc gia, quay lén và phát tán clip sex của các cô gái.

Lee Seung-hyun, popularly known as Seungri, was generally thought to be a nice guy. A member of Big Bang, one of K-pop’s most successful groups, Lee appeared on multiple entertainment shows, showing off his sense of humor (khiếu hài hước), work ethic (đạo đức nghề nghiệp) and business ventures (hoạt động đầu tư/kinh doanh). Many called him “Seungtsby,” after the successful and lavish “Great Gatsby.”

Now, police are investigating (điều tra) Lee for violating South Korea’s prostitution law (luật phòng chống mại dâm), among other charges. Police confirmed that Lee and several other stars, including singer-songwriter Jung Joon-young and rock band F.T. Island’s Choi Jong-hoon, were reportedly part of an online group chat that illegally shared “spycam” videos, sexually explicit videos of women shot without their knowledge or consent (không được sự đồng ý (của họ)).

In one chat, first reported by broadcaster SBS, Jung allegedly wrote to his friends, “Let’s all get together online, hit the strip bar and rape them in the car.” Another member of the chat replied, “Our lives are like a movie (cuộc đời chúng ta như trong phim). We have done so many things that could put us in jail (làm nhiều việc mà lẽ ra bị ngồi tù lâu rồi). We just haven’t killed anyone (chẳng qua chưa giết ai mà thôi)."


Gậy ông đập lưng ông

chính trị gia kiêm nhân vật cốt cán phong trào phản đối vắc-xin nhập viện vì bị thủy đậu...

An Italian populist (dân túy) politician (chính trị gia) who campaigned (vận động) against compulsory vaccinations (tiêm chủng bắt buộc) for children was taken to hospital suffering from chickenpox (bệnh thủy đậu).

Massimiliano Fedriga, governor (thống đốc) of the northern Italian region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia and a senior official in the anti-migrant Northern League party, was mocked (chế giễu) on social media (mạng xã hội) after he admitted catching the disease.

Populist politicians in Europe and the US have jumped on the anti-vaccination bandwagon. A fall in immunisation rates (tỷ lệ tiêm chủng/tiêm phòng) has led to steep rises (tăng mạnh) in measles (bệnh sởi) in France, Italy and elsewhere.

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