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Thursday, June 6, 2019

"Clear as day" nghĩa là gì?

Ai cũng thấy được cô ấy rất tài năng. Photo by Te NGuyen on Unsplash.

"Clear as day" = rõ như ban ngày -> nghĩa là rất dễ thấy, rất rõ ràng và dễ hiểu. 

Ví dụ
The youngster’s independence (độc lập) and perseverance (kiên trì) can be seen clear as day as proud mother Freya Hall said: “She finds her own way of doing things and is now learning how to do a backwards roll (cú lộn ngược).” 

Despite her singing abilities (khả năng), this wasn’t Cartae’s first passion (niềm đam mê). Drifting away from (thoát khỏi) the classical sound, she became obsessed with rap music and found an ambition (tham vọng) in wanting to be a rapper. But those around her felt Cartae’s exceptional singing ability was clear as day and encouraged (khuyến khích) her to pursue this as a career. 

“Adam [Silver] said it clear as day — we make far more money off of television than we do from tickets,” Cuban said, via ESPN. “So, that's our biggest customer (khác hàng). And particularly, given the changes with streaming (phát trực tuyến) and everything and the demographic (nhân khẩu học) makeup of television, we've got to give that a lot of careful consideration (cân nhắc). You want to optimize (tối ưu hóa) for television first, because even a regular-season game, there's some funky start times and people show up.”

Thu Phương

"Stand to reason" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

"Stand to reason" = một kết luận/ suy đoán hợp lý, logic. Hoặc nếu nói "It stands to reason that..." có nghĩa rằng đó là điều hợp lý, thật là điều hiển nhiên rằng... 

Ví dụ 
We know that dads want to be doing more at home, but societal norms (chuẩn mực xã hội) and workplace culture (văn hóa nơi làm việc) often keep them from doing that. With that in mind, it may stand to reason that married mothers feel more personal responsibility (trách nhiệm) to cook meals, clean, fold laundry and the like. 

As other types of organizations (tổ chức) and management (quản lý) structures have become more proactive (chủ động) about diversity initiatives (sáng kiến, đề nghị), the results have proven to be positive. It would stand to reason that this is an underexploited (không tận dụng) area that's ripe for improvement as part of the fiduciary (ủy thác) process. 

For the most part these Seasonal images have normally teased either the introduction of new weapons (vũ khí) or new features (tính năng). You only have to look to the Vendetta skin to notice it's also packing the new Season 9 Burst SMG. So it would stand to reason that if one of the characters (nhân vật) is holding a vaulted (hình vòng cung) weapon, that it too could return to the main game.

Thu Phương

"Have enough sense to pound sand" nghĩa là gì?

Hợp lý! Photo by Heather Mount on Unsplash

"Have enough sense to pound sand (in a rat hole)" = có đủ ý thức/ nhận thức để dồn cát vào lỗ chuột -> nghĩa là có một mức độ cơ bản về cảm nhận, khả năng hoặc sự thông minh; được sử dụng thường xuyên nhất trong câu phủ định để ngụ ý rằng ai đó thậm chí còn không có điều cơ bản đó. 

Ví dụ
That boy doesn't have sense enough to pound sand. What makes you think he'll be able to fix your computer?

I lost my faith (niềm tin) in the political process (quy trình chính trị) when I realized that the people getting voted into Washington don't have enough sense to pound sand. 

Truman kept his nerve (can đảm, điềm đạm) even when a Newsweek poll of 50 political writers showed that all of them picked Dewey to win. Truman glanced (liếc nhìn) at it and said, "I know every one of these 50 fellows. There isn't one of them has enough sense to pound sand in a rat hole". 

Bower has composed (sáng tác) a campaign song withe the refrain (điệu hát, điệp khúc) "Let's put it over with Grover./ Don't rock the boat,/ Give him your vote." He rejects (từ chối, cự tuyệt) his granddaughter's Republican (Đảng Cộng hòa) suitor (người cầu hôn/người theo đuổi), Joe Carter (John Davidson), saying “He don't look like he'd have enough sense to pound sand in a rat hole."

Thu Phương

"Held in high regard" nghĩa là gì?

Nàng nhìn ta và mỉm cười Photo by Eric TERRADE on Unsplash.
'Held in high regard' có từ 'regard' là sự coi trọng, ngưỡng mộ -> câu này dùng để chỉ người có được sự kính trọng, ngưỡng mộ rất lớn hoặc sự kiện được đánh giá cao, coi trọng.

Ví dụ
Donald Brookfield, of Ailsa Avenue, Marton, worked as a taxi driver for C Cabs for 20 years and before that as an engineer at Sycamore Trading in South Shore. But away from work, he spent his leisure (thời gian rảnh) time playing cricket and was held in high regard in the local leagues (liên hiệp địa phương) and by team-mates.

In our search to find this type of partner (đồng đội), our three qualities (phẩm chất) and guiding principles (nguyên tắc) were: outstanding quality and care delivery, commitment (cam kết) to our hospital and community, and a team that was held in high regard amongst their peers (đồng nghiệp). Having found that, we are extremely excited and honored to welcome CNOS as an extension to our team, as we bring back and enhance orthopedic (phẫu thuật chỉnh hình) services for our community.”

After moving to Hawaii during my freshman year (năm thứ nhất đại học) of high school, I learned that Filipinos were viewed in different ways. Some saw us as unfashionable (không thời thượng) FOBs that dressed in loud colors (những màu sắc sặc sỡ quá mức, khiến mắt thấy khó chịu). Others saw us as potential troublemakers (kẻ gây rối) with an affinity (yêu thích) for sharp objects. Still others admired our ability to breakdance and sing karaoke. And strangely enough, I heard most of this from fellow (bạn học) Filipinos. I didn't know what to make of it. Some prided (tự hào) themselves on their Filipino heritage (di sản), but in general, being Filipino wasn't held in high regard.

Bích Nhàn

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