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Sunday, December 1, 2019

"On the open market" nghĩa là gì?

Chợ nổi Photo by Arnie Chou from Pexels

'On the open market' = thị trường mở, luôn có sẵn mua hoặc bán mà không có hạn chế hay rào cản bởi ai hay cái gì.

Ví dụ
The rupee drifted (trượt) lower against the dollar on the open market on Wednesday in the process o trading activity, marketmen said.

The arbitration (kinh doanh chênh lệch giá) system offers players their first shot at many millions of dollars, while still often providing less than what they would get on the open market. However, the reverse can be true as well – it can make certain players more expensive than many teams are willing to pay.

Uber will allow users to schedule rides in advance to ensure riders are able to snag (giữ) transportation when and where they need it. That’s especially helpful for me as I live outside of the city and sometimes leave very early in the morning or at peak travel times where finding an Uber on the open market would be difficult.

Bích Nhàn

"In the market for" nghĩa là gì?

Buồng chuối siêu to khổng lồ đây, mại dô, mại dô Photo by Tom Fisk from Pexels

'In the market for something' = vào chợ mua bán thứ gì -> có nhu cầu, mong muốn mua món đồ nào đó, thường là đắt tiền, háo hức muốn có, tìm kiếm món đồ nào đó.

Ví dụ
To continue growing Connect, Brooks said, Reuters will look to bolster its library of explainer videos, as well as audio. Flatley added Reuters is in the market for a Connect partner to provide content focused on Bollywood films.

“How do you find someone who is in the market for a $235,000 diamond?” Sheen asked. “The diamond is worthless (không có giá trị) until we find a generous buyer who wants that funding to go to our charitable programs in schools and prisons and juvenile detentions, so herein lies this moment.”

Most Orlando City rumors (đồn đại, tin đồn) this off-season have been on Oscar Pareja and the still vacant coaching position, but there are other areas the front office will address before next season. It’s no secret that the team is in the market for a potent striker and the club has been linked with Mexican striker Alan Pulido despite a hefty transfer fee.

Bích Nhàn

"Run myself ragged" nghĩa là gì?

Người của công việc. Photo by Robert Bye

"Run (oneself or someone) ragged" có từ ragged là rách rưới, tả tơi -> cụm từ này nghĩa là tự làm mình/ai kiệt sức bằng việc để họ lao đầu làm nhiều việc, gắng hết sức lực hoàn thành công việc; cứ khiến mình bận rộn.

Ví dụ
“I'm thinking, `If I'm going to spend the night on the bench, why would I want to run myself ragged at 6 in the morning?' ” Melchionni said.

My grades dipped because of a lack of focus, but I worked really hard in wrestling (đấu vật) just to exhaust myself and run myself ragged to the point I couldn't think.".

I have zero idea. I have a very, very forgiving, loving and supportive husband. And I’m so thankful for that. He is the one who allows me to run myself ragged on the road and miss him and my puppy while he takes care of it at home while he works two jobs.

Bin Kuan

"Glut on the market" nghĩa là gì?

Anh chọn quả hay là chọn em? Photo by Ash Valiente from Pexels

'Glut on the market' có từ 'glut' là thừa, tràn ngập -> tràn ngập trên thị trường, dư thừa.

Ví dụ
“We also market the product so there is no glut on the market. We are trying to work with customers so that everybody grows and it is sustainable for the business model.”

“We’ve been doing that for a lot of years, and part of that was to get away from the glut on the market. We can precondition the calves (con bê) so when they leave here they’re 100 per cent healthy, and when they get to the feedlots there’s no setback.”

In the bad news category, Linegar predicted “quite a bit of fruit will not be picked or sold.” There’s a real glut on the market for harvested grapes and unfermented juice (nước chưa lên men), said Linegar, while citing a market cycle and trend that has historically been repeated over decades.

Bích Nhàn

"The bottom drops out of the market" nghĩa là gì?

Ăn miếng đùi này nhé? Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

'The bottom drops/falls out of the market' = thị trường sụp đổ hoàn toàn, doanh số bán sản phẩm nào đó đã ngừng ; hoặc mọi người không còn muốn mua sản phẩm đó nữa nên nó được bán với giá rất rẻ.

Ví dụ
Scott E. from Sheboygan, Wis., wrote, “About three weeks ago, I sold $15,000 worth of stock to free up cash for when — not if — the bottom drops out of the market again as it did in 2008 and 1987.”

That unexpectedly poor quarter soured investors on the company at the worst possible moment because it came just as the stock market seems to have run out of gas. That's leading investors to scramble to sell so they can lock in profits just in case the bottom drops out of the market.

The problem is, he said, the market for those materials has just gone “down, down, down”, plummeting (lao thẳng xuống, tụt) around 40-50% over the past three years. Recycled materials compete for buyers with “virgin” materials, and when those “virgin” materials are cheap, the bottom drops out of the market.

Bích Nhàn

"Strangle at birth" nghĩa là gì?

Phải ngăn chặn những mầm mống tội phạm từ lúc bắt đầu!! Photo by: Spenser on Unsplash

"Strangle something at birth" có từ strangle nghĩa là bóp nghẹt, kìm hãm -> cụm từ này nghĩa là ngăn chặn cái gì phát triển hoặc tiếp tục ngay ở giai đoạn bắt đầu/ khởi đầu.

Ví dụ
Revolutionary communism was always an international project. Having survived attempts to strangle it at birth, Russia industrialised (công nghiệp hóa), supported fraternal (hữu nghị) parties abroad, survived invasion (xâm lăng) and emerged stronger from the second World War with a string of satellite states acting as a buffer on its borders.

"New ideas are like babies. It's easy to strangle them at birth," Cleese said, later continuing, "You don't want criticism (chỉ trích) at that stage, you want questions." After evaluating (đánh giá) ideas, it's back to the incubation (ấp trứng) stage to put the tortoise mind to work on improving the ideas.

Several strategies were meant to guarantee (đảm bảo) Corbyn and his radical wealth redistribution policies were strangled at birth. The powerful mainstream media across the UK almost exclusively owned and controlled by six individual (cá nhân) billionaires and their corporations would promote Johnson as the only viable PM, portray Corbyn as variously incompetent, dangerous, untrustworthy and anti-Semitic and ensure the election was primarily about Brexit in the hope Johnson’s ‘Get Brexit Done’ mantra (câu thần chú) would resonate (tạo ra tiếng vang) among those who voted Leave in 2016.

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