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Friday, December 20, 2019

Nói có cơ sở

(thiết kế) hành lang sân vận động trông như hệ sinh dục nữ giới...
The University of Texas at Austin is currently in the throes of (nỗi khổ sở; sự vật lộn với nhiệm vụ) giving its beloved football stadium a fresh look, but some people are noting that one aspect of the new design is reminiscent of the female reproductive system.

The university hired Kansas City-based design firm Populous to complete the renovations to Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium, and new renderings show what the $175 million south end zone expansion will look like.

Kỹ thuật vẽ chân dung cơ bản cho người mới bắt đầu

khỏi cần, áp dụng công nghệ đi :)

tq phân tích DNA từ máu để nhận mặt tội phạm (theo định nghĩa của họ ;)...
With a million or more ethnic (dân tộc) Uighurs (duy ngô nhĩ) and others from predominantly Muslim minority (thiểu số) groups swept up in detentions across Xinjiang (tân cương), officials in Tumxuk have gathered blood samples from hundreds of Uighurs — part of a mass DNA collection effort dogged (né tránh) by questions about consent (đồng tình) and how the data will be used.

In Tumxuk, at least, there is a partial answer: Chinese scientists are trying to find a way to use a DNA sample to create an image of a person’s face.

The technology, which is also being developed in the United States and elsewhere, is in the early stages of development and can produce rough pictures good enough only to narrow a manhunt (săn lùng, truy tìm tội phạm) or perhaps eliminate (loại trừ) suspects (kẻ tình nghi). But given the crackdown (đàn áp) in Xinjiang, experts on ethics in science worry that China is building a tool that could be used to justify and intensify racial profiling and other state discrimination (phân biệt đối xử) against Uighurs.

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